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Ensure maximum productivity and more cost-effective drilling with Drillers Edge wireline coring rods, designed for optimum joint integrity, torque and pullback capacity, and longer drill string life.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Maximize Productivity With Drillers Edge Wireline Drill Rods by Di-Corp

    Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision, Di-Corp offers a drill rod solution that improves your bottom line, increases your competitiveness, and enhances your drilling performance. Our approach to stress-relieving heat treatments, precision machining, intense quality controls, and the unique specialty finishing process we use on our R™ threads are just a few reasons why our drill rods are the highest quality drill rods in the industry. All of these differences allow us to provide premium drill rods that deliver:

    • More even pin and box wear
    • Greater resilience during wedging or deviated drilling 
    • Superior drill string life
    Four Di-Corp wireline drill rods.

    Di-Corp’s Superior Wireline Drilling Rod Lineup for Wireline Coring

    Drillers Edge coring rods have earned a reputation for outstanding reliability, achieving up to two or even three times the normal drill string life of major competitors under the same conditions. Additionally, our drill rods are manufactured from the highest quality steel and steel alloy and are processed with an additional stress-relief heat treatment to eliminate bent rods.

    The Di-Corp wireline coring rod lineup is offered in B, N, H and P sizes.

    Drillers Edge Coring Rods brochure:
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    Deep Hole Wireline Drill Rod

    Drill deeper and longer with Di-Corp’s advanced ‘D’ thread deep hole wireline drill rods.

    LITE Wireline Drill Rods

    The variable wall thickness of Drillers Edge LITE drill rods helps reduce drill string weight by as much as 23 percent for more efficient drilling without sacrificing joint strength or rod life.

    R™ Reverse Flank Wireline Drill Rod

    Our R™ reverse flank thread form delivers at least 6% more pullback strength than the nearest major competitor for greater joint strength and depth capacity.

    Standard Wireline Drill Rod

    Di-Corp’s machining and manufacturing of this industry-standard thread form ensure no distortion for a truer fit for increased depth capacity, less bulging and breaking, and reduced fluid loss.


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Di-Corp knows drilling. Drawing on decades of field experience, we manufacture and distribute the highest quality, top-performing drilling tools and consumables favoured by diamond core drillers worldwide. Additionally, we offer technical field support and fluids engineering with access to 24/7 customer-focused assistance.

    Industry-Leading Manufacturer and Distributor

    Di-Corp is the only tooling manufacturer serving the diamond core drilling industry that manufactures and distributes its own complete line of drilling fluids and additives. From drill rods to in-hole core retrieval tools, diamond core drill bits and reaming shells, adapter subs and locking couplings, drill rod grease, drilling fluids, and polymers, we have the products you need for your operations.

    Intense Quality Control

    We are committed to the success of your drilling project and the safety of everyone involved in the manufacturing, logistics, and use of our products. To that end, Di-Corp rods are inspected in several ways and at every production stage to ensure consistent quality. Every single one of our final products must pass our laboratory quality controls, with samples and fabrication records retained for at least 12 months to back up our customer service commitment and ability.

    Outstanding Drill Rod Performance

    As a result of our very specific and strict standards for steel quality, heat treating, machining, and finishing, Drillers Edge Drill Rods by Di-Corp has one of the best performance records in the industry. Our strict approach to producing drilling equipment means rods last longer, they’re more resilient and perform better in holes that require wedging or directional steering. Additionally, they provide superior joint integrity, and they can have much fewer instances of costly downhole failure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What thread forms do Drillers Edge drill rods have?

    Available thread forms on our drill rods include the industry standard “WL” thread, the “R” thread – our version of the reverse flank thread form that is popular in the market today, as well as our patented “D” thread, designed especially for deep hole drilling. The threads on every single rod we manufacture are gauged after machining, ensuring that the threads on both the pin and box end are perfectly machined to provide a quality joint fit and smoother make-up and breakout of the drill rod string.

    How can drillers easily identify one thread form from another in the field?

    Our “R” thread drill rods are identified by a single identification groove machined into the rod behind the pin end. The “D” threaded rods are identified by two grooves, and the “WL” drill rods have no grooves.

    What sizes do Drillers Edge Drill Rods come in?

    Drillers Edge coring rods are manufactured in a large quantity of industry-standard diameters, including B, N, H, and P, in 3-meter and 1.5-meter lengths. However, not all rods are available in all sizes and lengths. Refer to our Packaging & Shipping Information sheet for complete details. 

    Improve Drilling Operations With Drillers Edge Drill Rods

    Di-Corp’s Drillers Edge drill rods are earning a global reputation for being extremely reliable and providing long-lasting performance under some of the harshest conditions. Browse through our drill rods and request a comprehensive quote for your drilling project today.