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Reduce friction between the drill string and the borehole walls, enhance equipment lifespan, improve operational efficiency, and minimize the risk of stuck pipes with our supply of drilling greases and lubricants.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Reliable Drilling Fluid Grease & Lubricant Products for Various Drilling Industries

    For over 60 years, Di-Corp has been a reliable supplier of durable drill rod greases and lubricants across diverse drilling sectors, ranging from the mineral exploration industry to oil sands and beyond. We specialize in delivering the essential greases and lubricants to the following industries to ensure minimal friction and wear of equipment:

    With our high-performance greases and lubricants, you can minimize torque and drag, allowing the drill string to move more freely and efficiently through the borehole, increase the rate of penetration of drill rods and tooling, and mitigate the risk of drilling delays caused by unexpected equipment breakdowns.

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    Our Quality Supply of Drilling Fluid Grease & Lubricant Products

    We offer a range of drilling rod grease and lubricant products tailored to protect your drill rods and threads from damage to extend the lifetime of your equipment and keep your operations running smoothly. The following are our available drill rod grease and lubricant products.

    Big Bear Drill Rod Grease®

    Earth Pro Big Bear Drill Rod Grease is a high-performance grease uniquely formulated with additives to offer protection against corrosion, wear, and oxidation, featuring enhanced thickness and extreme pressure capabilities.

    Bio Bear Drill Rod Grease

    Earth Pro Bio Bear Drill Rod Grease is a blend of naturally sourced oil and
    non-toxic surfactants used as grease for slides on rod handlers. Additionally, Bio Bear Drill Rod Grease is safer for the environment than other heavy metal mineral oil greases.

    Linseed Soap

    Linseed Soap is a lubrication grease that can be swabbed inside inner tubes, incorporated into drill fluid using a suction hose applicator or added into holding tanks through water spray flushing.

    Nikal Thread Lube

    Nikal Thread Lube is a high-grade anti-seize and gasket compound designed for challenging conditions and extreme temperatures. Formulated with pure nickel flake and an inert dispersing solid in a top-tier aluminum complex base grease, it delivers unparalleled protection against rust caused by water penetration or wash-off.

    Thread Shield

    Earth Pro Thread Shield can be applied to effectively seal threads in drill rod connections, providing unparalleled thread protection. Its unique non-metallic components are specially engineered to facilitate the seamless assembly and disassembly of drill rods, protecting threaded surfaces from damage.


    Earth Pro TurboCut is a liquid lubricant designed to deliver continuous lubrication for rods and downhole tools within a water-based mud system. TurboCut guarantees consistent tool lubricity, which can help extend tool life and minimize the frequency of rod trips for greasing and re-greasing.


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Take advantage of the following benefits when you choose Di-Corp as your drill rod grease and lubricant supplier.

    Six Decades of Drilling Experience

    With a wealth of experience serving the drilling industry, we possess the necessary drilling supplies, tools, fluids, and expertise to assist and enhance your drilling operations. Our deep understanding of the challenges inherent in drilling, such as the coefficient of friction and differential sticking, enables us to offer precise and effective product solutions tailored to overcome your operational difficulties.

    One-Stop-Shop for Drilling Fluids

    Di-Corp offers a diverse collection of quality drilling products to help you achieve smoother, more efficient drilling operations. We can set you up with a drilling fluids and additive package that contains a variety of products to meet your specific drilling needs, including greases, lubricants, bentonites, cements and grouts, flocculants, lost circulation materials, polymers, surfactants, thinners/dispersants, waste treatment and solidifying agents, and weighting materials.

    Access to Products 24/7

    We have an established global supply chain and sales team that will help you obtain the products you need, wherever and whenever you need them. Our goal is to help keep your operations running, day and night.

    Protect Your Equipment From Excessive Wear With Our Drill Rod Greases & Lubricants

    Regardless of your drilling industry, our drill rod grease and lubricant products can support your operational needs. Browse through our selection of greases and lubricants and request a comprehensive quote today.