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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

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    AE 851

    Earth Pro AE 851 serves multiple purposes, acting as a viscosifier, foam stabilizer, and flocculant to enhance water clarification during clear water drilling.

    Calcium Nitrate

    Calcium nitrate stands out as a prime calcium source for clear-water drilling. In modest amounts, calcium nitrate is a beneficial plant nutrient, contributing to the long-term goal of revegetation on well sites.

    Earth Pro A-1103D

    Di-Corp’s Earth Pro A-1103D is a 10% anionic polymer flocculant known for its successful track record in de-watering and floc water drilling. Additionally, it proves valuable for fluid clarification when introduced at the centrifuge in sumpless drilling operations.


    Gypsum (CaSO4•2H2O) is a naturally hydrated Calcium Sulphate and is only slightly soluble in water. Gypsum is used as the source of calcium in clear-water drilling and in other inhibitive mud systems. Gypsum is hygroscopic; therefore it should be stored in a dry environment to avoid lumping and hardening.  It is advisable to use a […]

    Hyperdrill AF 204RD

    Hyperdrill AF 204RD is an effective anionic polymer flocculant used for clear water drilling. It can provide shale stabilization and viscosity when used in higher concentrations of 0.3-3.0 kg/m³.

    Hyperdrill AF 207RD

    Hyperdrill AF 207RD has been developed to give enhanced performance in conventional clear water or low solids drilling fluids while maintaining functionality in K+, polymer and high salt systems. With improved dispersibility over conventional PHPA powders, Hyperdrill AF 207RD provides all the benefits normally associated with PHPA type additives. It will provide viscosity, shale stabilization, flocculation, […]

    Hyperdrill CP 911

    Hyperdrill CP 911 is an effective cationic flocculant used for clear water drilling and fluid clarification in closed systems. Hyperdrill CP 911 is very effective in dewatering water-based systems, especially those that contain significant amounts of potassium salts, biopolymers, and PACs. Hyperdrill CP 911 should be added through a chemical barrel at the flow line […]

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