Oil and Gas Defoamers

Mitigate foam formation, prevent equipment malfunctions, and increase operational efficiency in oil and gas drilling operations with Di-Corp’s defoamers.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Enhance Production Performance with Di-Corp’s Defoamers for the Oil and Gas Industry

    Di-Corp’s defoamers are specifically designed to control foaming during the production process, increasing productivity and safety. Our defoamers will counteract foam formation when added as close to the point of foaming in the fluid system as possible.

    Earth Pro Foam Slayer excels with its effectiveness in low concentrations and persistent defoaming, particularly when drilling through oil sands. Our XL-Defoamer is a versatile solution effective across different pH ranges, temperatures, and salinity levels, addressing mild to severe foaming issues in various drilling conditions.

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    Our Drilling Defoamer Supply

    Reduce foam throughout your oil and gas production stages with our antifoam agents. Our defoamers can be premixed as an antifoaming agent in fluids where vigorous agitation is required or with products that are known to have foaming tendencies.

    Earth Pro Foam Slayer

    Di-Corp is a leading manufacturer of foaming control agents, like Earth Pro Foam Slayer. Earth Pro Foam Slayer is a versatile, low-toxicity blend of products used to control foaming problems in a wide range of industrial applications. Earth Pro Foam Slayer is one of the top foam control agents as it is very effective in […]


    Earth Pro XL-Defoamer is a powerful defoamer intended for use where mild to severe foaming of water-based drilling systems has occurred. It is effective at all pH ranges, at high temperatures and over a wide salinity range. Normal treatment for light foam is 0.3-0.9 L/m³, and with more difficult foams, 0.9-1.8 L/m³ may be required. […]


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    60+ Years of Industry Experience

    For more than six decades, Di-Corp has proudly manufactured and distributed chemicals and tooling, including drilling fluids, cement mixing additives, and fracking products for the oil and gas industry. Should you experience any drilling challenges, we can bring the products, knowledge, and service to help resolve them.

    Warehouses Across Canada

    With an extensive network of warehouses in Western Canada and a strong global supply chain, our committed team is ready to offer 24/7 support for your drilling product needs. We keep our inventory well-stocked, ensuring timely delivery of drilling products essential for your operations.

    Unmatched Product Reliability & Quality

    Sourcing the best and building it better has been in our blood for three generations of ownership. We thoroughly vet our suppliers to guarantee the quality of the products we represent. Additionally, we are committed to the success of your project, which is why many of our locations operate in accordance with a quality policy registered to the ISO 9001 Standard.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can foam impact drilling operations?

    During various oil and gas production stages, such as the amine gas scrubbing and gas sweetening stages, drilling fluid formulations can generate entrapped air, creating foam. When foam is created, it can impact production in many ways, including:

    • Impeding the effectiveness of chemical treatments
    • Increasing chances of liquid carryover
    • Straining process equipment
    • Disrupting the separation of oil and water in processing units
    • Creating safety hazards

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