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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

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    Cal Carb 0

    Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is a naturally occurring, ground limestone used in Oilfield and Cementing applications. As Cal Carb 0 grind, this finer grade of Calcium Carbonate is used primarily as a weighting material. Cal Carb 0 readily dissolves in the presence of hydrochloric acid. Because of this, it is an ideal weighting agent for use in drilling pressured zones […]

    Cal Carb 325

    Cal Carb 325 is an optimal weighting agent for drilling in pressured zones and for completion and workover fluids, ensuring easy cleanup of the production zone to enhance well productivity. Its ability to dissolve in hydrochloric acid effectively prevents fluid invasion and loss of circulation during drilling, workover, and completion activities.


    Cellophane is a clear, multi-sized flake of polycellulose used in oilfield and cementing applications as lost circulation material. In non-oilfield applications, it is used as a sealing agent supplement to other lost circulation materials.


    FiberFluid™ is a finely milled seepage control and lost circulation additive that is an effective sealing and bridging agent for depleted sands. FiberFluid exhibits superior acid solubility among cellulosic lost circulation materials and very good return permeability results. FiberFluid is a finely ground cellulosic material that controls seepage losses in both water and oil-based drilling fluids. It […]

    Magma Fiber

    Magma Fiber® is an acid-soluble, extrusion-spun mineral fiber specifically designed to address lost circulation issues. This spun mineral fiber serves as an effective plugging and bridging agent, adept at sealing voids, fractures, and various permeable formations.


    Prima-Seal is a blend of lost circulation materials specifically formulated to cover a wide range of common lost circulation situations. It contains granules and fibers that act as bridging and sealing agents.


    Di-Corp Sawdust comes from clean, untreated, kiln-dried wood with a moisture content typically between 5% and 12%. Sawdust is the most cost-effective and widely accessible option for mud engineers dealing with lost circulation materials. It is also the favored choice for absorption and cleaning tasks on drilling rig decks.


    SunSweep® drilling fluid additive is a superior hole-cleaning agent that transports drill cuttings, metal shavings, and other debris out of the wellbore. A proprietary treated polymerized synthetic fibre, SunSweep disperses easily in the fluid and exhibits excellent suspension qualities without adversely affecting any drilling fluid properties. The pail packaging, unlike a cardboard-boxed product, is waterproof […]

    Walnut (Coarse, Medium and Fine)

    A lost circulation material of ground Walnut is available in three grades, fine, medium, and coarse, ranging in size from 100 mesh to 6 mesh. Used as a lost circulation material or bridging agent due to its granular nature. Walnut is chemically inert and may be added to any mud system. Walnut is also used as […]

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