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    Drilling Fluids & Additives

    A Drilling Product Supplier You Can Trust to Enhance Your Drilling Operations

    As a leading supplier of innovative drilling solutions, Di-Corp has the products and supplies you need to ensure maximum productivity for your drilling operations, even in the most extreme conditions. We’ve been sourcing the best and building it better since 1960 and we have the knowledge and expertise to stand behind what we sell. Our products are purpose-built for the needs of your industry and we have a long history of being the preferred drilling products manufacturer and distributor to the following industries around the globe:

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    Browse Our Complete Selection of Innovative Drilling Solutions

    We have a diverse product selection to meet your every drilling need.

    Diamond Tools

    Our diamond tools are designed to withstand harsh drilling and ground conditions, load and torque, while delivering a high rate of penetration.

    Down Hole Core Barrel Tools & Accessories

    Our core retrieval tools and accessories are compatible with the industry leading coring systems and offer enhanced functionality in drilling operations.

    Down the Hole Drilling Tools

    We provide a diverse collection of RC & DTH drilling products to help you drill effectively in any rock formation. 

    Drilling Fluids & Additives

    We provide a large portfolio of bulk drilling fluids from quality-assured global suppliers and manufacture our own in-house brand of high-quality Earth Pro drilling fluids. 

    Oilfield Cement Additives

    A diverse collection of cementing and stimulation products to help boost hydrocarbon production and enhance the performance of your cementing operations.

    Wireline Drill Rods, Casing, and Adapters

    Improve your bottom line with Drillers Edge wireline coring rods, casing, and adapter subs. No matter your drill steel needs, Di-Corp has you covered.

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