Down Hole Core Barrel Tools & Accessories

Get more rock in the box every shift! Increase the productivity of your core barrel drilling operations and maximize retrieval of core samples regardless of ground conditions with Di-Corp’s smooth-operating in-hole coring tools and accessories.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    In-Hole Core Retrieval Tools, Backed By Decades Of Diamond Core Drilling Expertise

    Members of Di-Corp’s engineering, manufacturing, and field service teams draw on their extensive mineral exploration drilling experience to ensure that our in-hole core retrieval tools operate smoothly, latch positively, and keep your rig turning for maximum productivity. Drillers Edge Core Retrieval Tools by Di-Corp offer:

    • Surface and Pump-In Core Barrels Assemblies
    • Complete compatibility with the industry’s leading coring systems
    • Durable, reliable operation
    • Ready access to replacement parts and spares
    • Two core barrel latching options: The RetroLATCH, Di-Corp’s version of a widely used traditional latching system, and Di-Corp’s own EdgeLATCH, a core barrel latching system that delivers smoother operation, less wear, and virtually eliminates stuck tubes.

    Core Retrieval Tools brochure:
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    Core barrel assembly on a table.

    A Top-of-the-Line Core Retrieval Product Collection

    We offer a complete range of core retrieval tools and accessories compatible with industry-leading coring systems that offer enhanced functionality in drilling operations.

    Core Barrel Assemblies & Options

    Our core barrel assemblies and accessories are compatible with industry-leading coring systems and offer enhanced functionality in hard rock drilling operations.

    Coring Accessories

    Efficiently retrieve the inner core surface once bedrock is reached with the assistance of an extractor core retrieval tool like rod gauges, fishing tools, water swivels, casing advancers and more.

    Overshot Assemblies & Options

    Our overshot assemblies and accessories are compatible with industry-leading coring systems and offer enhanced functionality in drilling operations.

    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Di-Corp is an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of specialized equipment, tools, and accessories for the energy, mining, and drilling industries. In fact, we are the only tooling manufacturer serving the diamond core drilling industry that also manufactures and distributes its own line of drilling fluids and additives.


    Di-Corp is your one-stop source for all heavy-duty drilling consumables - from the drill rod to downhole tools, diamond core bits and reaming shells, adapter subs and locking couplings, drill rod grease, and drilling fluids and polymers. We manufacture and supply it all at quality levels second to none, and we can assist in all aspects of your drilling operations with decades of drilling knowledge, fluids engineering, and customer-focused 24/7 service.

    Quality Management

    At Di-Corp, our manufacturing quality assurance/QC process is one of the most stringent in the industry. Our process starts with certificates of authenticity for inbound raw materials. Then, all manufacturing runs through batch testing with field service ready to support application opportunities, problems, or other obstructions.

    Integrated Tool Safety

    Our in-hole core sample retrieval accessories and tools are designed with safety and productivity top of mind. These tools provide positive locking of the overshot that ensures they cannot loosen from any vibrations–keeping your operations running safely and smoothly. For more information on the benefits and features of our Edge Latch, watch our YouTube video.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Drillers Edge by Di-Corp in-hole core retrieval tools compatible with other manufacturers?

    Yes, our in-hole tools are designed and manufactured to be compatible with tooling and diamond core drilling equipment from some manufacturers. Check with your sales representative for further details. However, it is important to note that with respect to coring rods and subs, we never recommend mixing and matching with other manufacturers’ thread forms. We do recommend pairing our in-hole core tooling with Drillers Edge drill rod by Di-Corp.

    Improve Drilling Operations With Quality In-Hole Core Retrieval Tools & Accessories

    Serving the international diamond core drilling sector, Di-Corp proudly manufactures and distributes the quality in-hole tooling you need to save time while maximizing your productivity and core retrieval. Browse through our in-hole tooling and accessories and request a quote today.