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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Earth Pro PAC

    Earth Pro PAC is a primary fluid-loss reducer for water-based drilling fluids and also serves as a suspending agent.

    HydraVis D

    Earth Pro HydraVis D is a naturally derived polymer that enhances hole cleaning and cuttings transport in salt and freshwater environments. Additionally, it can yield 8-10 times more volume pound for pound when compared to a bentonite-based drilling fluid.


    Earth Pro MultiMix is a specially formulated dry blend of synthetic polymers created to enhance wellbore stability and effectively bond unconsolidated ground in challenging drilling scenarios. Its unique composition allows it to permeate loose formations and then hydrate completely to form a polymer-based adhesive that secures the formation together, facilitating smooth drilling operations.


    Earth Pro Poly-Xan is engineered to deliver viscosity in both shallow and medium-depth wells, meeting the need for high performance at an affordable price. This product is a high molecular weight biopolymer derived from Xanthan Gum, primarily utilized to increase viscosity in various drilling muds, including fresh water, seawater, and saline environments.

    ProPAC D

    Earth Pro ProPAC D is a 100% active dry natural-based polymer that controls fluid loss and enhances filter cakes. It can also be used as a high shear rate viscosity modifier or lubricant.

    SynVis D

    Earth Pro SynVis D is a 100% active, dry granular polymer that disperses readily, easily mixing without lumps or fish eyes. It is primarily used for viscosity in freshwater systems, gel and/or polymer-based systems.

    SynVis L

    Earth Pro SynVis L is a high-yield, easily dispersible, anionic liquid synthetic polymer formulation. It can function independently or as an integral component within a comprehensive fluid solution, addressing diverse and challenging drilling scenarios.

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