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Earth Pro PAC

Manage rheology and control filtrate in water-based drilling fluids with Earth Pro PAC.

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    Earth Pro PAC

    Earth Pro PAC is a primary fluid-loss reducer for water-based drilling fluids and also serves as a suspending agent.

    This polymer’s highly polyanionic nature grants it shale stabilizing properties by binding to positive sites on formation substrates, forming a protective barrier. These suspension properties are crucial in maintaining formation pressure and ensuring consistent performance across different drilling applications.

    Earth Pro PAC Product Sheet:
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    bags of pac-r and pac-lv
    A bag of regular polyanionic cellulose polymer. The bag is black and has the text: “PAC-R API Spec Regular PAC. Industrial grade. Rheology and filtrate control for water-based drilling fluids. 22.68KG Net weight. For industrial use only.”
    A bag of low-viscosity polyanionic cellulose polymer. The bag is green and includes the text: “PAC-LV API Spec low vis PAC. Filtrate control for water-based drilling fluids. 22.68KG net weight. For industrial use only.”

    Earth Pro PAC Properties

    Not only is Earth Pro PAC a fluid-loss reducer for water-based drilling fluids, but it’s also a suspending agent that stabilizes viscosity. Here are some key properties you need to know about this polymer.

    Physical Properties

    Appearance: Off-white powder
    Specific Gravity: 1.5
    Flash Point: Not available
    Auto-Ignition Temp: 170°C

    Chemical Properties

    Type: Cellulose fluid loss polymer
    Solubility: Soluble (forms gel)
    pH: 6 – 8.5
    Microtox (Regular): > 600 kg/m3
    Microtox (LV): 10 kg/m3

    Packaging & Controls

    WHMIS: Not controlled
    TDG: Not regulated
    Packaging: 50lb sack


    Regular and low-viscosity grades of Earth Pro PAC are applied at concentrations ranging from 3.0 to 10.0 kg/m3 in salt-based mud systems, while freshwater-based mud systems typically use concentrations between 1.0 and 3.0 kg/m3

    Earth Pro PAC is also compatible with oxygen scavengers, allowing its use at temperatures reaching up to 150°C.

    Mixing & Handling

    We recommend storing Earth Pro PAC in a dry location. When adding it to fluid environments through the hopper, gradually pour it for 30-40 minutes per sack to help prevent lumping.

    Additionally, wearing a dust mask and eye protection is advisable while mixing all powdered products.


    Earth Pro PAC is available in two grades: PAC-R (regular) and PAC-LV (low-viscosity).

    PAC-R not only reduces fluid loss but also contributes to secondary viscosity, and Pro PAC-LV is ideal for controlling fluid loss without having to increase viscosity.

    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Di-Corp is a leading polymer and drilling fluid additive supplier. We provide various products to help your drilling operations, including Earth Pro PAC.

    60+ Years of Experience

    We have over six decades of experience providing the drilling industry with reliable fluids, supplies, and tooling to help combat the challenges faced in drilling operations.

    Responsible Distribution

    We’re proud to operate per the Code of Practice of Responsible Distribution®, an accountable management concept developed by Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC).

    Guaranteed Satisfaction

    Our commitment to exceptional customer service includes ensuring our products meet your drilling needs. Please reach out to our customer service representatives for any inquiries or assistance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Earth Pro PAC be used in conjunction with other drilling fluid additives?

    Yes, Earth Pro PAC can be used with other drilling fluid additives.

    Does the application of polyanionic cellulose PAC require specific training?

    No, the rig’s designated drillers and helpers can handle Earth Pro PAC. Please keep in mind that you should pour 1kg/minute if dry to reduce lumping.

    Can Di-Corp provide technical support for drilling personnel when using Earth Pro PAC?

    Yes, we can offer support for your drilling operations with technical assistance, in-person training, and 24/7 fluid service. If you’re interested in drilling fluid education and support with Earth Pro PAC, please contact our team.

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