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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Drive Shoes

    Drive Shoes are a coupling either welded or threaded to the bottom of steel casing to prevent damage to the casing while driving or pushing the casing. Di-Corp manufactured Drive Shoes are made in house with high quality steel that is machined in our precision CNC machines and heat treated to give the contractor a tough drive […]


    K-Packers are designed to provide a sand tight seal between the well screen and casing and are typically used on the top of telescope size screens in the water well, construction and environmental drilling industries. K-Packers eliminate contamination of underground water sources from intrusion of surface pollutants by effectively sealing the casing to the bore […]

    Mud Pump Parts

    A Mud Pump is composed of many parts including mud pump liner, mud pump piston, modules, hydraulic seat pullers, and other parts.  Di-Corp offers a full line of parts for Mud Pumps including various styles of liners, repair kits, rods, pistons, rubber kits, seat gravel and valve gravel.

    PVC Environmental Pipe

    We strictly adhere to ASTM and industry standards for all of our PVC environmental pipes. Our pipes are fabricated from Type 1, Grade 1 PVC and manufactured to applicable ASTM and NSF standards.

    PVC Transition Fittings

    PVC Transition Fittings are used as a threaded coupling to enable you to go from Di-Corp’s Engineered Buttress Threaded Water Well casing to any telescopic stainless steel screen with an NPT thread. PVC Transition Fittings are available in various sizes. Please contact us for further size requirements.

    Shale Traps

    Shale Traps are constructed of neoprene rubber for elasticity and strength. Shale Traps are designed to support a grout column above the producing zone to seal between the casing and the bore hole when grouting. Available in soft or hard rubber and comes standard with stainless steel clamp.

    Stainless Steel Screens

    Filter poorly sooted sands in unconsolidated formations with our stainless steel screens. All of our screens are offered in various sizes, lengths, end fitting types and schedules.

    Steel Casing

    Eliminate utility line damage with Di-Corp’s steel casing. We stock high-strength steel pipe casing in large quantities in bare, black, or galvanized finishes. Our steel casing is produced in numerous sizes and specifications for various applications, including mining and oil and gas.

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