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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Parts and Accessories for a Wide Range of Industries

    Di-Corp has a full line of fluids, sealants, hardware, casing, and virtually all of the industrial accessories, consumables, and tools that go in the ground. For example, we carry casing protectors, centralizers, clamps, manholes, PVC slip caps, and PVC prepacks for the geotechnical and environmental industry. In addition to the geotechnical industry, we carry tooling, drilling fluids, polymers, parts and/or accessories for a wide range of drilling industries:

    a collection of tools

    A Diverse Collection of Parts & Accessories for Every Drilling Need

    We proudly manufacture and distribute a variety of tooling, consumables, and accessories for companies around the world. Di-Corp takes pride in sourcing and manufacturing the best drilling products for our customers.

    Geotechnical & Environmental Accessories

    Di-Corp has a great selection of accessories for soil stabilization, injection and well monitoring, pre- and post-construction geologic investigations and more.

    Geothermal Accessories

    Di-Corp is one of the few suppliers that understands the geothermal drilling and installations market. We offer a selection of rod wipers to support geothermal drilling efforts.

    HDD Accessories

    Di-Corp prides itself on our extensive supply offerings to the horizontal directional drilling market. We offer drilling fluids and additives, HDD tooling supplies, and every other related product in between. 

    Infrastructure Accessories

    From tailing ponds, dams, and tunneling to slurry wall, foundations and civil construction, Di-Corp has accessories for virtually any infrastructure application.

    Jet Grouting Accessories

    Di-Corp supplies a variety of accessories for the jet grouting industry, including bentonite products like hydrogel.

    Mineral Exploration Tooling, Consumables and Accessories

    Mineral exploration is a demanding industry that requires the most reliable of products. At Di-Corp, we carry Kleer-Kore tubes to aid in soft, stick, or broken core inspection. 

    Mineral Processing Accessories

    Di-Corp is a global distributor of specialty chemicals and supplies for the mineral processing industry. We have the knowledge to offer skilled product and supply suggestions to help with all aspects of your operation. 

    Oil Sands Coring Accessories

    We understand that the oil sands coring industry has no room for error. That’s why Di-Corp offers a selection of mud pumps parts, splits, and split caps to support your operations.

    Tunneling Accessories

    Whether you’re removing cuttings from a drilling face, stabilizing formations, or cooling and lubricating the cutting drilling head, Di-Corp has all of the tunnelling accessories you need. 

    Water Well Accessories

    Di-Corp is a leading supplier to the water well industry, providing a great selection of accessories, including drive shoes, k-packers, mud pump parts, and more. 

    J Plugs

    Di-Corp’s heavy duty locking plugs are constructed of high impact ABS plastic and are precision machined to fit the inside diameter of PVC or steel wells. An expanding urethane gasket seals the well and protects it from contaminants. J Plugs are available in Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 as well as various sizes. Contact us for more […]


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Di-Corp’s vast experience across every drilling discipline allows us to support your business in any challenge.

    Quality Management

    At Di-Corp, we work with our customers to provide quality products to meet specific company needs. All of our products must pass our quality controls with samples and fabrication records retained for at least 12 months to back up our customer service commitment.

    Warranty of Products

    Sourcing the best and building it better has been in our blood for three generations of family ownership at Di-Corp, which is why we stand behind what we sell. As the manufacturer of our own products, we stand 100% behind our products and will address any issues or concerns you may have.

    Responsible Distribution

    Di-Corp is proud to operate in accordance with the Code of Practice of Responsible Distribution®. Responsible Distribution® is a responsible management system verified by regular independent third-party audits by an external auditor.

    Improve Your Drilling Operations With Quality Industrial Tooling Solutions

    Due to our vast experience and trusted products, Di-Corp is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, parts and accessories in the drilling industry. Browse through our collection of tooling, consumables and accessories and request a comprehensive quote from us today.