Drilling Fluid Training, Support Services & Consultation

Get drilling fluid support for your drilling operations with in-person training, technical assistance, and 24/7 fluid services.

Drilling Fluid Training, Support Services & Consultation

About Our Drilling Fluid Support Services

At Di-Corp, we live by our mission of Optimizing the Resource Industry. We’re passionate about helping you do your job better, faster, and more cost-effectively, and we are proud to offer drilling fluid specialist training services to help you do just that. We can educate, engineer, and engage with your drilling engineers and staff and provide the knowledge, tools, and products to solve your problems with minimal cost and maximum confidence. Our fluids service model is available for those in the following industries:

What Our Customers Say About Our Drilling Fluid Engineering Training

“Employee development is essential to keeping workers engaged, developing an internal talent pipeline, and retaining top talent. Thank you to Di-Corp for spending the day with our team and presenting your mud school.”

-BPC Directional

Di-Corp’s 3 E’s: A Different Service Approach

At Di-Corp, we offer a full range of drilling mud additives, including polymers, bentonites, lubricants and general chemicals to suit any need or problem that may arise during your drilling operation. Along with these proven and trusted products, we offer a unique three-step approach to getting the most for your dollars spent by providing fluids planning and consulting assistance, fluid training and education for frontline staff, technical assistance and service.

1. Educate

Educating frontline operators to ensure they have the necessary information to work efficiently and effectively.

At Di-Corp, we want to arm frontline people with the knowledge they need to succeed, making drilling more efficient and trouble-free by learning how to use suitable fluids, polymers, and other additives for their unique conditions. Our education support can help your drillers and drilling assistants gain a fundamental understanding of not only the functions of their drilling fluids but also:

  • Which drilling fluids to select and mix at the rig
  • The physical properties and fundamental aspects of drilling fluids
  • How to test drilling fluids
  • Choosing the correct mud additives
  • The proper terminologies to communicate issues
  • The data to collect to make more accurate and timely decisions

Our education process increases the confidence that your drillers and drilling assistants will need to utilize the tools they have available and derive their solutions more effectively. Further to this session, your team will be equipped with the tools to collect pertinent data that can decrease downtime by allowing for quicker and more accurate solutions.

2. Engineer

Engineer field-level tools and products that increase efficiency and performance.

At Di-Corp, we want to support your operations to make your life easier and your problem-solving processes almost automatic. We believe that if you take the time to plan your drill in advance, you can be prepared for anything the geology might throw at you.

We can provide you with field-level engineering tools, like our Fast Track Fluids Tool (FTFT) cheat sheet, for problem resolution. Our FTFT will help your drilling staff do upfront thinking and planning so they have the proper fluids on hand when they need them. The FTFT also helps them address problems because they’ve thought about them in advance and have the materials ready to react. The FTFT sheet contains a list of current field parameters, including:

  • Current depth
  • Rod size
  • Pump rate
  • Products used
  • Concentrations

During the FTFT development phase of your project, we can support you by recommending what we feel is the best fluid package for your operation and provide you with alternatives to meet cost or environmental concerns.

3. Engage

Engaging with your team and ready to support you 24/7/365.

With the groundwork education and engineering tools in place, the engaging step of our approach offers a problem-solving team that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for urgent matters regarding drilling fluids on your project.

If you’re experiencing slower-than-expected penetration rates, lost circulation causing stuck pipe problems, struggling with a shallow well, or other issues, you can call Di-Corp for input and advice. If necessary and feasible, we can dispatch a trained and competent field technician directly to your site on a 24-hour basis. Once on site, the technical support personnel involved in the service request can perform the necessary rheology testing and calculations to troubleshoot a solution.

Our engaging approach offers exceptional cost savings for downtime reduction and direct engineering charges and will help ensure your operations are constantly running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mud schools are particularly useful for field-level drillers in the HDD, Water Well, Geotechnical, and Diamond Core Drilling industries who are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their drilling operations by making better use of drilling fluids and additives.

Our Drilling Fluids Training, otherwise known as Mud School, is offered on a by-request basis. At times, we are contacted by medium to large drilling companies who want to offer our drilling fluids training course to all of their drillers and drilling assistants at once. In those cases, we come to your shop or a meeting facility near you. Sometimes, if we get several inquiries from smaller drilling companies in a particular region, we will arrange to put on a mud school at a central location and invite any of the local drillers to participate. If you’re interested in drilling fluids training for your company or region, contact us.

In most cases, our training is offered free of charge. We believe in supporting our customers and the drilling industries to work more effectively and efficiently. If your request requires extensive travel or other arrangements, or we can't schedule the course at a time when we will already be in the area, we may ask for some help covering travel and accommodation costs. We're always willing to work something out. Our philosophy is that if we show loyalty to drillers, then drillers will show loyalty to us by using our high-quality drilling mud products whenever possible.

The following is a rough outline of what our training schedule looks like for your drillers and drilling assistants.

Introduction & Drilling Fluids Functions

Clay Chemistry
  • What is clay
  • What is it used for
  • What affects clay performance
  • Different types and uses for clay
Polymer Chemistry
  • What is a polymer
  • What are they used for
  • Myths about polymers
  • Contaminants & polymers
Rheology & Hydraulics
  • What is viscosity
  • Flow regimes
  • Hole cleaning
Environmental & Fluid Recycling
  • What constitutes environmental responsibilities in our industry
  • How fluid recycling affects daily operations
  • How to prepare for new regulations
Common Problems & Solutions
  • What are some common problems
  • How to analyze problems
  • How a mud man can help you, and what does he require to be able to help
Additional Requirements - specified by client Q&A time and closing

The FTFT is intended to be a plain language single-page document that can be easily duplicated or laminated. The back of the sheet contains a list of current field parameters that should be filled out to assist in the solution. Your project data is then inputted into the FTFT, which yields a document that serves numerous functions:

  • For Di-Corp personnel, when someone phones our technical staff with a concern, we already know information like pump sizes and capabilities, rod sizes and products you have on location, so no infield data collection is necessary for your drillers or helpers.
  • For the Manager, it is a way of having immediate solutions available for simpler concerns. In addition, it provides peace of mind so that if a driller or helper checks the sheet first before attempting a solution themselves, they will not waste product or time resolving an issue.
  • For the Driller and Helper, it is a gentle reminder of some topics covered in the previously mentioned session. It gives them the confidence to think through the issue logically and collect pertinent data. Then, if they can’t decide on a solution, they have direct contact info for someone who can help them out over the phone or ultimately arrange for a visit from a fluid technician.

If you’re interested in seeing a completed FTFT sheet, download our brochure.

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