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From the rugged Canadian Shield to the richest mining regions of the USA, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America, Australia and Africa, drillers everywhere get to target depth faster with our quality diamond drilling equipment.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Superior Quality Diamond Coring Tools for All Drilling Conditions

    Drillers Edge mining diamond tooling from Di-Corp is continuously testing and developing an advanced line-up of top-performing diamond drill bits and reaming shells for diamond core drilling. In 2022, Di-Corp reviewed and enhanced its entire line-up of bit matrices for improved free-cutting performance.

    • 21 matrices of CoreMatrix drill bits in three waterway configurations.
    • Maximum rate of penetration for every formation from unconsolidated to consolidated rock in rock hardness groups 1 through 10.
    • Optional “Abrasive” and “Endurance” formulations on most of our diamond impregnated drilling bits.
    • Reaming shells in diamond-impregnated and surface-set configurations available in all common DCDMA sizes.
    • Diamond-impregnated, casing, and carbonado bits.
    Eight mining drill bits.

    The Diamond Tool Portfolio Your Drilling Operation Needs

    Our wide variety of diamond tools are designed to increase drilling efficiency and withstand harsh drilling demands, including high penetration, load, and torque. The following are our diamond tools specifically designed for underground mining operations.

    Carbonado Bits

    Perform drilling operations in harder, more abrasive formations with a carbonado core drill bit that offers excellent core recovery in broken ground conditions.

    Casing Bits

    Push through demanding environments and overburden drilling conditions, including boulders, with highly durable casing bits.

    Casing Shoes

    Prevent casing from getting caught on irregularities in boreholes with premium casing shoes.

    CoreMatrix™ Diamond Impregnated Bits

    Penetrate through a broad range of bedrock with the toughest diamond impregnated bits engineered to deliver top-tier performance.

    EDGE Reaming Shells

    Maintain hole diameter, reduce stuck tubes, and prevent premature wear of drilling tools with cutting-edge reaming shells.

    Rod Shoes

    Seat drill rods into bedrock with rod shoes that have increased diamond concentration, extended impregnation depth and gauge setting.


    What Our Customers Say About Our Drilling Diamond Tools

    Our Di-Corp-manufactured bits perform as good or better than those from any other manufacturer under the most difficult conditions.

    One of our key drilling customers has been regularly getting 33 percent more bit life with CoreMatrix bits by Di-Corp Drillers Edge


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Di-Corp is the leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty parts, chemicals, and accessories serving the drilling, energy, and mining industries. In fact, we are the only tooling manufacturer serving the diamond core drilling industry that also manufactures and distributes its own line of drilling fluids and additives. Trust Di-Corp to support you with all of your operational drilling needs.


    Di-Corp is your one-stop source for all drilling consumables - from drill rods to in-hole core retrieval tools, diamond core bits and reaming shells, adaptor subs and locking couplings, drill rod grease, and drilling fluids and polymers. We manufacture and supply it all at quality levels second to none, and we can assist in all aspects of your drilling operations with decades of drilling knowledge, fluids engineering, and customer-focused 24/7 service.

    Warranty of Product

    All of our Drillers Edge diamond core drilling products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship. Our extremely tight manufacturing tolerances, continuous monitoring, and quality assurance testing help to ensure that every Drillers Edge and Earth Pro product manufactured by Di-Corp leaves the plant ready to perform as expected.

    Customer Service

    We take pride in having exceptional customer service provided by our highly-trained team of customer service representatives. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, our CSR professionals will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your products.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I arrange for a trial of Drillers Edge mining bits?

    We’re always interested in getting quality feedback from a field trial. We’re happy to work with you to support a field trial of our bits, provided we can have our drilling specialist onsite working with your operators to ensure the right combination of drilling conditions for optimum bit equipment performance. Contact your Di-Corp rep to make arrangements.

    What’s the difference between diamond impregnated and surface set bits?

    With the evolution of diamond core drilling, diamond impregnated coring bits are the most common type of diamond coring bit used in the mining industry today. Traditional surface set bits only had one layer of diamonds on the surface, so in harder conditions, they would wear very quickly. Impregnated diamond bits have several layers of diamonds positioned all throughout the matrix to provide a longer-lasting cutting surface. Di-Corp’s Carbonado bits are very similar to surface set bits but use carbonado diamonds, which are considerably tougher and have higher wear resistance compared to the natural diamonds used in conventional surface set bits. As a result, the Carbonado Bits perform better in more abrasive formations/hard rock materials and offer excellent core recovery in broken ground conditions.

    Put More Rock in the Box With Drillers Edge Diamond Tools from Di-Corp

    Di-Corp manufactures and distributes hard-wearing diamond tools, including coring bits, reaming shells, and shoes, designed for a fast penetration rate and free cutting in even the harshest drilling conditions. Browse through our selection of diamond tools and request a comprehensive quote for your business today.