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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    EDGE Reaming Shells

    Di-Corp offers a range of high-quality reaming shells to maintain hole direction, hole gauge, and prevent premature wear of drilling tools due to vibration. The heavy-duty reaming shells come in diamond-impregnated and surface-set configurations available in all common DCDMA sizes.

    EDGE Reaming Shells are available in industry-standard length options of 6” and 10” (18” available special order), as well as oversized OD and full-hole profiles. All reaming shells are reinforced with thermally stable polycrystalline (TSP) and high-quality diamonds for extended life in different drilling conditions.

    EDGE Reaming Shells Product Sheet

    Features & Benefits

    • High-quality natural and synthetic diamonds, depending on the configuration.
    • TSP for additional ring protection.
    • Wear-resistant matrix reinforced with carbide particles to minimize erosion.
    • Manufactured to withstand difficult drilling conditions.
    • Provide prolonged life in different rock formations.

    EDGE RS Configurations Available

    High-quality synthetic diamonds and TSP for additional ring protection.

    EDGE RX Configurations Available

    High-quality natural diamonds and TSP for additional ring protection. EDGE RX Reaming Shells perfectly balance performance and value.

    EDGE RSX Configurations Available

    Di-Corp’s most advanced design combines all the features of the EDGE RS and EDGE RX reaming shells.

    EDGE RSX Reaming Shells feature high-quality natural and synthetic diamonds and TSP for additional ring protection. EDGE RSX reaming shells deliver exceptional results in a wide range of rock formations. EDGE RSX reaming shells are designed to perform and provide unmatched lifespan in different drilling conditions.


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