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Ensure the structural integrity, longevity, and environmental safety of your drilling and infrastructure projects with our quality grouting and cementing additives.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Resilient Drilling Cement and Grout Products for Various Drilling Industries

    For over six decades, Di-Corp has been a leading supplier of best-in-class cementing products, addressing diverse drilling challenges such as well integrity issues, water ingress, pipeline and utility protection, wellbore stability, and more. Due to the diverse uses of cement and grout products, they are indispensable tools across a diverse range of industries, including:

    Our cement and grout products provide the foundation for safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible drilling and infrastructure projects.


    Our Diverse Collection of Well-Drilling Cement & Grout Products

    At Di-Corp, we have an unmatched cementing and grout product supply tailored to ensure the structural integrity and environmental safety of your drilling operations. The following are our available cementing and grout products.

    Enviroplug® (Medium and Coarse)

    Enviroplug® is an extremely versatile product used for abandoning cased and uncased boreholes, sealing casing, isolating zones, sealing grounding rods and heat pump conductor holes, and much more.

    Enviroplug® Coated Tablets

    Coated Enviroplug® Tablets form a seal with high density and low permeability, effectively isolating screen sections in multi-completion wells and creating a barrier between sand packs and high solids bentonite grouts.

    Enviroplug® Grout

    Enviroplug® Grout is a bentonite formula designed for diverse applications, serving as a water well-grouting fluid, drill hole abandonment fluid, and grout for geotechnical monitoring wells post-casing placement.

    Enviroplug® No. 8 and No. 20

    Enviroplug® No. 8 and No. 20 are high-swelling Wyoming sodium bentonite in granular form. Due to their unique molecular structure, they can absorb five times their water weight and swell to a volume of 12-16 times their dry bulk, making them an ideal well sealant.

    Grout-Well® and Grout-Well® DF

    Grout-Well® and Grout-Well® DF are one-step bentonite grouting materials designed to achieve low permeability seals in water wells, monitor wells, geotechnical borings, and heat pump holes.

    Hotset Cement

    Earth Pro Hotset Cement is a tailored cement blend package engineered for wireline operations, ensuring thermal stability. This specialized formulation incorporates multiple additives to maintain the cement slurry’s stability and fluidity throughout the required placement duration. It is specifically designed for setting deep plugs under temperature extremes ranging from 100°C to 130°C.

    Oilwell ‘G’ Cement

    Earth Pro Oilwell ‘G’ Cement is manufactured according to rigorous API standards with respect to setting time, compressive strength, free water content, and various physical and chemical parameters. Specifically for oil industry applications where wellbore temperatures stay below 100°C BHST, this cement variant maintains reliability and performance in oilfield operations.

    Portland Cement

    Portland Cement is a high-quality, cost-effective basic cement that can be used where early strength is required and in applications requiring moderately low levels of heat generation during the hydration process.

    ResinBond Cement

    Earth Pro ResinBond Cement is a unique combination of premium gypsum and polymeric resin designed for the wireline industry. When paired with RB Catalyst, this cement blend can suit a diverse range of down-hole temperatures.

    Therm-Ex® Grout

    Therm-Ex® Grout is a specially designed product intended for use as backfill material in earth-coupled heat pump systems. Its enhanced thermal conductivity and low permeability not only facilitate efficient heat exchange but also serve to safeguard groundwater supplies.

    Thermal 40 Cement

    Earth Pro Thermal 40 Cement is typically used where wellbore temperatures exceed 115°C due to well depth or physical treatment (i.e. steam flooding). This cement can overcome high-temperature degradation, meets the ERCB Directive, and is typically used on a small scale for dump-bail treatment.

    Ultrafine Grout

    Ultrafine Grout is a finely blended mixture of Portland cement, pumice pozzolan, and dispersant. Ultrafine cementitious grout boasts an average particle size of a mere 3 microns, distinguishing itself from conventional cement with particle sizes ranging from 60 to 70 microns.


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    We are ready to meet and exceed your drilling operation needs with various products, including cements, grouts, drilling fluids, bentonites, flocculants, loss circulation materials, dispersants, and more. When you choose Di-Corp as your primary drilling fluid additive provider, you can take advantage of the following benefits.

    60+ Years of Experience

    For over six decades, Di-Corp has provided drilling supplies, tooling, fluids, and expertise to support the success of drilling operations. We understand specific drilling challenges, such as well instability, increased cement slurries, increased slurry density, and lack of fluid loss control, and can provide appropriate products and services that will overcome operational difficulties.

    Product Warranty

    We supply and manufacture our cementing products, meaning we fully endorse the quality and performance of every item in our collection. If you encounter any issues or have concerns with your cementing or grout products, we will assist you in finding a solution that efficiently restores your operations to optimal functionality.

    Global Supply Chain & Logistics

    Di-Corp operates from multiple manufacturing, distribution, and service centres across Canada and the United States. Additionally, our global reach extends through an established international supply chain, complemented by nine distributors serving regions such as South America, Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

    Achieve Structural Integrity & Longevity in Wells With Our Cementing and Grouting Products

    Regardless of your drilling industry, our diverse line of cement and grout products can support your operational needs. Browse through our selection of cements and grouts and request a comprehensive quote today.