Enviroplug® (Medium and Coarse)

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Enviroplug® (Medium and Coarse)

    Enviroplug® (Medium & Coarse) is made of pure Wyoming Bentonite and was the first bentonite chip developed and marketed. Enviroplug® has been used for abandoning holes since 1983. Enviroplug® is used in sealing and plugging applications.

    Enviroplug® is an exceptionally versatile product used for abandoning cased and uncased boreholes, sealing casing, isolating zones, sealing grounding rods and heat pump conductor holes, stemming and sealing seismic shot holes, sealing excavations, and for any vertical sealing to prevent water movement up or down a borehole.

    Enviroplug® is introduced in a dry state, which prevents shrinkage and provides a reserve expansion capacity. When absorbing water, Enviroplug® swells to fill voids, exerting pressure against all surfaces to create a flexible, low-permeability seal.

    Enviroplug® falls easily through standing water and thin drilling fluids, filling the column from the bottom upward. Expect a fall rate of 1 ft/s, which has been achieved through water depths of over 1600 ft.

    Enviroplug® (Medium & Coarse) product sheet:
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    two sacks of enviroplug
    a pile of medium and coarse enviroplug
    a pile of course enviroplug chips

    Mixing & Handling

    Add directly down the annulus. Avoid breathing dust. It is advisable to use a dust mask and eye protection while mixing all powdered products.


    Sealing Casing: Slowly pour Enviroplug® Medium into annulus and allow to drop to the gravel pack. For bentonite grouting, continue to pour Enviroplug® Medium directly into annulus, alternating from one side of the casing to the other. This aids in even distribution of particles around the casing. To avoid bridging
    problems pour at a rate of 1½ to 2 minutes per bag. If available, a funnel-type device with a 1½” bottom opening has proven very successful in regulating the flow into the hole and thus reducing the chances for bridging. When used in conjunction with pumpable grouts, Enviroplug® Medium can be used immediately above the sand or gravel pack and at the top of the hole for a more rigid seal.

    Grounding Rod and Heat Pump Conductor Holes:

    After drilling a 4½” to 5” diameter hole to the desired depth, simply center the grounding rod with the ground wire attached or the circulating loop from the heat pump in the bore hole. In the case of a wet hole condition, pour hole Enviroplug® Medium slowly (1½ – 2 minutes per bag) down the bore alternating each bag from one side of the hole to the other. In dry hole conditions, fill the hole with water, then add the Enviroplug® Medium displacing the water upward. If the water dissipates into formations while filling the hole, continue to add water while adding Enviroplug® Medium until the hole is sealed. Adding 5 gallons of water per 50 pound bag is usually adequate to provide hydration. Expected values for hydrated chips: Thermal Conductivity 0.50 Btu/hr-ft-ºF Resistivity 2.40 ohm-meters.

    Seismic Shot Holes: After the hole is drilled and charge is placed, pour Enviroplug® Coarse slowly into the hole (1½ – 2 minutes per bag). In wet hole conditions add enough Enviroplug® Coarse to fill up to the static water level. In a dry hole, add 2 to 4 bags directly over the charge. Where auger drills are used or where water is injected, pour 2 bags per 50 feet of hole depth.

    Physical and Chemical Properties

    Appearance: Grey to tan granules
    Particle Size: -3/8″ + 1/4″ (Medium), -3/4″ + 3/8″ (Coarse)
    Bulk Density: 68 lb/ft3 (Medium), 64 lb/ft3 (Coarse)
    Moisture Content: 15% ± 2
    Permeability: 1 x 10-9 cm/sec

    Typical Chemical Analysis %

    Typical Toxicity Analysis

    Packaging & Controls

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