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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Hotset Cement

    Earth Pro Hotset Cement is a tailored cement blend package engineered for wireline operations, ensuring thermal stability. This specialized formulation incorporates multiple additives to maintain the cement slurry’s stability and fluidity throughout the required placement duration. It is specifically designed for setting deep plugs under temperature extremes ranging from 100°C to 130°C.

    Oilwell ‘G’ Cement

    Earth Pro Oilwell ‘G’ Cement is manufactured according to rigorous API standards with respect to setting time, compressive strength, free water content, and various physical and chemical parameters. Specifically for oil industry applications where wellbore temperatures stay below 100°C BHST, this cement variant maintains reliability and performance in oilfield operations.

    ResinBond Cement

    Earth Pro ResinBond Cement is a unique combination of premium gypsum and polymeric resin designed for the wireline industry. When paired with RB Catalyst, this cement blend can suit a diverse range of down-hole temperatures.

    Thermal 40 Cement

    Earth Pro Thermal 40 Cement is typically used where wellbore temperatures exceed 115°C due to well depth or physical treatment (i.e. steam flooding). This cement can overcome high-temperature degradation, meets the ERCB Directive, and is typically used on a small scale for dump-bail treatment.

    Ultrafine Grout

    Ultrafine Grout is a finely blended mixture of Portland cement, pumice pozzolan, and dispersant. Ultrafine cementitious grout boasts an average particle size of a mere 3 microns, distinguishing itself from conventional cement with particle sizes ranging from 60 to 70 microns.

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