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The world’s best drill rods deserve the world’s best adapter subs. Enhance drill string life with Di-Corp’s quality subs such as hoisting plug adapter subs and water saver subs.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    North America’s Leading Adapter Subs Distributor

    Di-Corp stocks the most commonly used adapter subs in the industry. Our subs are available in B, N, H, and P diameters and standard WL, D, and R thread profiles.

    a collection of adapter subs

    Quality Drilling Casing Adapter Subs for Your Operations

    Di-Corp’s full line of top-tier adapter subs can help extend the thread life on your drill rods and are designed to improve the performance of casing joints.

    Blank End Adapter Subs – Solid

    Allow for more size options to be machined with Di-Corp’s blank end adapter subs.

    Blank End Adapter Subs – Tubular

    Blank End Adapter Subs on tubular material allow for same size thread options to be machined on the blank end. These tubular subs are designed to be used as crossover components on the drill string, when adapting two different thread forms of the same tubing diameter. These subs are machined from high quality alloy steel […]

    Hoisting Plug Adapter Subs

    Attach your drill string to your hoisting plug with Di-Corp’s high-quality alloy steel hoisting plug adapter subs.

    Recovery Tap Adapter Subs

    Adapt your drill string or casing thread to a recovery tap with Di-Corp’s recovery tap adapter.

    Rod to Casing Adapter Subs

    Effectively attach a rod to the casing tube with Di-Corp’s advanced adapter subs.

    Rod to Rod Adapter Subs

    Attach rods to rods with our rod-to-rod adapter subs.

    Water Saver Subs

    Retain drilling fluid in scenarios where the fluid column is normally lost due to gravity with water saver subs.

    Water Swivel Adapter Subs

    Adapt your drill string to your water swivel with Di-Corp’s advanced water swivel adapter subs.


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    As a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, parts and accessories serving the energy, mining, and drilling industries, we can focus on all aspects of your project.

    Quality Control

    At Di-Corp, we work with our customers to provide quality products and can tailor our quality program to meet specific customer needs. That’s why all of our adapter subs pass through a quality control process prior to being released to the market as a finished product.

    Product Warranty

    As the manufacturer of our own products, we 100% stand behind all of our adapter subs. Use of Di-Corp adapter subs is required to validate the warranty of your Di-Corp drill rods, and is proper practice to maximize the life of your drill string.

    Customer Service

    At Di-Corp, we take pride in our customer service. To guarantee your satisfaction, our team of dedicated customer representatives will work with you to ensure your products satisfy your operational needs.

    Effectively Connect Your Tools & Equipment With Adapter Subs

    As a leading manufacturing and distributing company of adapter subs, we will assist you in finding superior products that can withstand your challenging drilling operations. Browse through our diverse list of adapter subs and request a comprehensive quote from us today.