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Increase the density of your drilling fluids with our collection of robust weighting agents.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Reliable Drilling Fluid Weighting Material for Various Drilling Industries

    Enhance your drilling performance by increasing the weight of your fluids with our premium weighting materials. By increasing the density of your drilling fluids, you can maintain wellbore stability, prevent blowouts by balancing pressures in formation fluids, and facilitate the drilling of deeper wells by enabling more precise control over the drilling fluid’s physical properties.

    Our weighting materials were designed for the following drilling operation industries:

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    Our Reliable Weighting Agent Products

    At Di-Corp, our weighting agents are specifically designed to improve drilling fluid density for better wellbore stability and precise formation pressure control. The following are our available weighting material products.

    Barite for Non-Oilfield

    Barite is a weighting material possessing a specific gravity ranging from 4.2-4.3. It is used in all muds, including water-based mud, to increase the density or weight. Mud weights up to about 20 ppg can be obtained without incurring strains on pump drilling equipment.

    Cal Carb 325

    Cal Carb 325 is an optimal weighting agent for drilling in pressured zones and for completion and workover fluids, ensuring easy cleanup of the production zone to enhance well productivity. Its ability to dissolve in hydrochloric acid effectively prevents fluid invasion and loss of circulation during drilling, workover, and completion activities.


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Take advantage of the following benefits when you choose Di-Corp as your weighting agent drill fluid supplier.

    Tailored Solutions for Complex Challenges

    Leveraging over 60 years of industry experience, Di-Corp has been the leading supplier of all essential drilling products, including advanced weighting agents. Our experience and vast product collection allow us to help you address specific drilling challenges, such as maintaining wellbore stability, managing downhole hydrostatic pressure, and ensuring the integrity of completion fluids.

    Comprehensive Collection of Drilling Fluid Products

    Di-Corp offers a diverse collection of quality drilling products to help you achieve smoother, more efficient drilling operations. We can provide various drilling fluids and additives to meet your needs, including weighting materials, greases and lubricants, bentonites, cements and grouts, flocculants, lost circulation materials, polymers, surfactants, thinners/dispersants, and waste treatment and solidifying agents.

    Extensive Distribution Network

    Di-Corp operates from multiple manufacturing, distribution, and service centres across Canada and the United States. Our expansive network, including international logistics capabilities and strategic distributors, guarantees that we can support your operations, wherever they may be, from South America to the Middle East and beyond.

    Increase the Density of Your Drilling Fluids With Our Drilling Fluid Weighting Additives

    Regardless of your drilling industry, our line of weighting products can support your operational needs. Browse through our selection of drilling fluid weighting materials and request a comprehensive quote today.