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Wireline Drill Rods, Casing, and Adapters

Improve your bottom line with Drillers Edge wireline coring rods, casing, and adapter subs. No matter your drill steel needs, Di-Corp has you covered.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    High-Quality Drill Rods, Casing, and Adapters for When Durability Matters

    Outstanding performance in the field starts with exceptional standards in manufacturing. Our wireline drill rods, casing, and adapter subs are produced to exacting standards to ensure reliable mining operations.

    More reliable drill rods and casing mean cleaner shifts, reduced downtime, and increased productivity, resulting in lower cost per meter drilled. At Di-Corp, we take durability seriously because our customers can’t afford not to.

    Four Di-Corp wireline drill rods.

    Quality Drill Steel and Adapters for Your Operations

    We offer a complete range of wireline drill rods, casing, and adapter subs to help ensure maximum productivity in mining operations.

    The Di-Corp coring rod and casing lineups include the industry standard ‘W’ design in all sizes (B, N, H, and P) and the commonly used ‘WT’ design used in larger-diameter drilling. Di-Corp casing is precision-machined to ensure quality joint fit and compatibility with all rigs and coring equipment. For in-depth specifications on these products, click on the respective product names below.

    Adapter Subs

    Di-Corp stocks the most commonly used adapter subs used in the exploration drilling industry. Our available adapter configurations include B, N, H and P.

    Wireline Casing

    Protect boreholes from collapsing and prevent contamination of the surrounding environment with Di-Corp’s diverse collection of wireline casing.

    Wireline Drill Rods

    Ensure maximum productivity and more cost-effective drilling with Drillers Edge wireline coring rods, designed for optimum joint integrity, torque and pullback capacity, and longer drill string life.

    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Di-Corp knows drilling. Drawing on decades of field experience, we manufacture and distribute the highest quality, top-performing tooling and consumables favoured by diamond core drillers worldwide. Additionally, we offer technical field support and fluids engineering with access to 24/7 customer-focused assistance.

    Industry-Leading Wireline Tools Manufacturer and Distributor

    Di-Corp is the only tooling manufacturer serving the diamond core drilling industry that manufactures and distributes its own line of drilling fluids and additives, setting it apart from most manufacturers in the field. From drill rods and casing to in-hole core retrieval tools, diamond core drill bits and reaming shells, adapter subs and locking couplings, drill rod grease, drilling fluids and polymers, we have the products you need to get the job done.

    Intense Quality Control

    We are committed to the success of your drilling project and the safety of everyone involved in the manufacturing, logistics, and use of our products. To that end, our tool steel is inspected in several ways and at every production stage. Our final products, whether a drill bit or drill rod, must pass our laboratory quality controls with samples and fabrication records retained for at least 12 months to back up our customer service commitment and ability.

    Warehouses Across Canada

    We have a network of warehouses across Western Canada with an established global supply chain and a team dedicated to outfitting you with the drilling products you need that are available 24/7. We routinely ensure products are in stock so you can anticipate access to the tools you need when you need them. As a leading wireline casing, adapter, and drill rod manufacturer, our primary commitment revolves around ensuring you have access to suitable equipment and accessories so your operations stay up and running.

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    Reduce downtime and increase productivity with our reliable drill pipe, casing, and adapter equipment. Browse through our selection of drilling tools and request a comprehensive quote today.