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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

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    Safely seal off fluids and materials like cement slurry from exiting while pumping with plugs like VK grout plugs and displacement plugs.

    Kleer-Kore Tubes

    Kleer-Kore Tubes are rugged, resilient, transparent PVC tubes designed to allow accurate, visual insitu inspection of soft, stick or broken core. Kleer-Kore Tubes can be capped immediately to preserve moisture and allows transportation to your laboratories without disturbance and damage. Kleer-Kore Tubes eliminate the need for costly triple-tube stainless steel liners and considerably reduces wear and […]

    Wooden Core Boxes

    Di-Corp manufactured Wooden Core Boxes are more resistant to weather and will endure on site handling better then cardboard core boxes. Our Wooden Core Boxes can be used over and over again; are easy to handle and to stack. We manufacture everything locally and we are able to accommodate any possible customized sizing and quantity. […]

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