Diverse Supply of Bentonite for Drilling Operations

Our bentonite products’ exceptional sealing, lubricating, and stabilizing properties offer versatile solutions across drilling industries, enhancing operational efficiency, environmental protection, and equipment longevity.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Quality Bentonite Drilling Products for Various Industries

    For over 60 years, Di-Corp has been at the forefront of supplying superior bentonite products, catering to a broad spectrum of drilling needs across multiple industries. Our commitment to excellence has established us as a trusted partner in the following industries:

    Whether drilling for water, installing underground infrastructure, or exploring for minerals, our bentonite drilling fluid products are designed to enhance the stability of your boreholes, improve the removal of drill cuttings, and ensure the longevity of your wells and tunnels.


    Our Collection of Quality Bentonite Drilling Fluid Additive Products for Your Drilling Operations

    We offer a wide range of bentonite clay products tailored to ensure smoother operations, more durable well structures, and minimal environmental impact. The following are our available bentonite products.

    Diamond Gel

    Diamond Gel bentonite is a viscosifier, lubricant, and fluid loss control additive that is engineered to disperse easily in poor mixing conditions commonly found on coring rigs, eliminating waste due to clumping.

    Enviroplug® (Medium and Coarse)

    Enviroplug® is an extremely versatile product used for abandoning cased and uncased boreholes, sealing casing, isolating zones, sealing grounding rods and heat pump conductor holes, and much more.

    Enviroplug® No. 8 and No. 20

    Enviroplug® No. 8 and No. 20 are high-swelling Wyoming sodium bentonite in granular form. Due to their unique molecular structure, they can absorb five times their water weight and swell to a volume of 12-16 times their dry bulk, making them an ideal well sealant.

    Extra High Yield® Bentonite for Non-Oilfield

    Our Extra High Yield Bentonite® (EHYB) is a specially peptized high-yield bentonite that disperses and hydrates to provide excellent borehole cleaning capabilities and well-bore stability.

    Grout-Well® and Grout-Well® DF

    Grout-Well® and Grout-Well® DF are one-step bentonite grouting materials designed to achieve low permeability seals in water wells, monitor wells, geotechnical borings, and heat pump holes.


    Hydrogel® is designed for use in oil and gas exploration drilling where API 13A Section 9 material is required. It is a 200-mesh viscosity builder, yields excellent fluid loss characteristics, and stabilizes borehole or trench walls.


    Micro-Gel® is engineered to promote low fluid loss and increased lubricity, which translates to low jacking pressures. The superior filter cake and gel strengths of Micro-Gel® help ensure the integrity of the tunnel walls is maintained.


    NaturalGel® is an unpeptized bentonite (sodium montmorillonite) that can expand several times its original volume when placed in water, resulting in higher fluid viscosity, gel strength, and solids-suspending ability.


    Tru-Bore® is a highly concentrated bentonite-based drilling fluid used for difficult drilling operations in both vertical and horizontal borings. Tru-Bore® is extremely effective at maintaining hole integrity during pullback and stabilizes formations ranging from moderate clay to high sand concentrations.

    Wyoming Gel

    Earth Pro Wyoming Gel is used for viscosity and filtration control in freshwater mud systems. The bentonite must first be prehydrated in fresh water in muds with a salinity of 3500 mg/L or higher.


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Take advantage of the following benefits when you choose Di-Corp as your bentonite drilling fluid additive supplier.

    60 Years of Innovation, Quality, & Service

    With over six decades of experience serving the drilling industry, we have the drilling supplies, tools, fluids, and expertise to support your drilling operations. We understand your drilling challenges, such as formation instability or loss circulation, and can provide appropriate and accurate product solutions to overcome your operational difficulties.


    We have a diverse collection of quality drilling products to help you achieve smoother, more efficient drilling operations. We manufacture, distribute, and sell a large collection of drilling fluids, bentonites, cements and grouts, flocculants, greases & lubricants, lost circulation materials, polymers, surfactants, thinners/dispersants, waste treatment and solidifying agents, and weighting materials.

    Global Supply Chain & Logistics

    Although Di-Corp is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we have manufacturing, distribution, and service facilities in four Canadian provinces, Mexico, the United States, and Ghana, West Africa. Additionally, Di-Corp has a well-established global supply chain with nine international distributors serving Australia, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

    Experience Unmatched Drilling Efficiency With Our Bentonite Solutions

    Regardless of your drilling industry, our diverse line of bentonite products can support your operational needs. Browse through our selection of bentonites and request a comprehensive quote today.