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    Bentonite Products - HDD


    Micro-Gel is a bentonite product designed and engineered for micro-tunneling and tunneling applications. It is engineered to promote low fluid loss and increased lubricity, which translates to low jacking pressures. The integrity of the tunnel wall is maintained by the effect of the superior filter cake and gel strengths exhibited by a Micro-Gel fluid. Uniquely Micro-Gel can …

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    For use in drilling operations where premium grade Wyoming Bentonite is desired. Hydrogel® is a preferred product for use in oil and gas exploration drilling where API 13A Section 9 material is required. It is also used in slurry trenching, caisson boring, and cast-in-place concrete foundations. Hydrogel is NSF Certified to NSF/ANSI 60. Hydrogel product sheet


    Tru-Bore® is a highly concentrated bentonite-based drilling fluid used for difficult drilling operations in both vertical and horizontal borings. Tru-Bore is non-toxic and environmentally safe. It serves as a true one-sack solution for horizontal drilling applications. It is extremely effective at maintaining hole integrity during pullback with horizontal drilling. Tru-Bore stabilizes formations ranging from moderate …

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    Diamond Gel

    Diamond Gel is a bentonite product designed with the specific needs of numerous drilling markets in mind. This premium grade beneficiated Wyoming bentonite outperforms its competitors in nearly all aspects. Diamond Gel is engineered to disperse easily under poor mixing conditions commonly found on coring rigs meaning this product eliminates waste due to clumping. Diamond …

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    Extra High Yield Bentonite for Non-Oilfield

    Extra High Yield Bentonite (EHYB) is specially peptized high yield bentonite that disperses and hydrates to provide excellent hole cleaning capability and well bore stabilization. This product is NSF 60 certified for use in potable water applications and is nontoxic to the environment.

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