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    Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Surfactants - Oil & Gas


    Earth Pro Can-Free is designed to penetrate and lubricate the medium between the drill pipe and the wellbore equalizing the pressure differences associated with differential sticking. To relieve deferentially stuck pipe, mix 25.0 L/m³ of Earth Pro Can-Free to diesel or crude oil. Prepare a volume that is sufficient to more than fill the annulus for …

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    Soap Stick FS-16

    The main application of Soap Stick FS-16 is for the reduction of mud rings, bit balling and cake build-up on drill strings. Soap Stick FS-16 is most effective by dropping them down the drill pipe on connections as needed. It will start dissolving immediately on contact with the water in the pipe. The dissolution rate will vary. …

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    Drilling Detergent L

    Earth Pro Drilling Detergent L is an anionic, liquid, surface wetting agent. It can be added directly to the mud system and is normally used in concentrations of 0.2-0.6 L/m³. Earth Pro Drilling Detergent L is added to water based mud systems to reduce surface tension.

    Chem Clean Green

    Earth Pro Chem Clean Green is the preferred cleaner for grease and grime. This rig wash is a concentrated, hard-working degreaser that goes to work right away, emulsifying and deodorizing. Its grease-fighting solvents and emulsifiers work great on heavy-duty cleaning tasks. It can also be diluted for light-duty cleaning tasks. 

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