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    Earth Pro A-1103D

    Di-Corp’s Earth Pro A-1103D is the same 10% anionic polymer flocculant that has had proven success in de-watering and floc water drilling over the years and now packaged under Di-Corp’s Earth Pro brand. It should be added through a chemical barrel at the flow line or injected directly into a centrifuge from a premixed polymer […]

    Hyperdrill AF 247RD

    Hyperdrill AF 247RD has been developed to provide improved shale stabilization/inhibition in drilling fluids with minimal effect on rheology. It is suitable for use in freshwater, seawater, K+ polymer, and other inhibitive water-based systems. It’s improved rheological properties allow for the addition of higher concentrations with reduced viscosity humping in solids-laden muds. Dosage rates are […]

    Calcium Nitrate

    Calcium Nitrate is an excellent source of calcium for clear-water drilling. In moderate quantities nitrates are a plant nutrient and can ultimately be consumed, actually aiding in the goal of revegetation of well sites. Maintain a minimum of 250 mg/L of calcium ion while floc-water drilling. Calcium Nitrate can also be used as a calcium source in invert oil emulsions and […]

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