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    Defoamers - Oil & Gas

    Earth Pro Foam Slayer

    Di-Corp is a leading manufacturer of foaming control agents, like Earth Pro Foam Slayer. Earth Pro Foam Slayer is a versatile, low-toxicity blend of products used to control foaming problems in a wide range of industrial applications. Earth Pro Foam Slayer is one of the top foam control agents as it is very effective in …

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    Earth Pro XL-Defoamer is a powerful defoamer intended for use where mild to severe foaming of water-based drilling systems has occurred. It is effective at all pH ranges, at high temperatures and over a wide salinity range. Normal treatment for light foam is 0.3-0.9 L/m³ and with more difficult foams, 0.9-1.8 L/m³ may be required. …

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