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    Calcium Chloride Powder

    Calcium Chloride Powder is used as an inhibitor to control active shale and clay dispersion. It can be used in polymer mud to minimize the formation of gas hydrates. Calcium Chloride Powder can be used to formulate fluid systems when formation pressures call for densities ranging from 8.4 to 11.8 lb/gal. It is also applicable when the […]

    Potash for Oilfield

    Potash (KCl) is an odorless white crystal, which forms a neutral salt solution with water. Potash purity is expressed as percent K2O. Generally used to provide potassium (K+) ions in shale-inhibiting drilling muds. The K+ ion provides a strong bonding ion between the clay platelets thus inhibiting the swelling of shales. Use in concentrations of […]

    Hyperdrill AF 247RD

    Hyperdrill AF 247RD has been developed to provide improved shale stabilization/inhibition in drilling fluids with minimal effect on rheology. It is suitable for use in freshwater, seawater, K+ polymer, and other inhibitive water-based systems. It’s improved rheological properties allow for the addition of higher concentrations with reduced viscosity humping in solids-laden muds. Dosage rates are […]

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