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    CoreMix is a polysaccharide-based product containing inhibitive potassium ion and sized calcium carbonate for filtration control. CoreMix is designed as a one-sack system for oilsand drilling and coring. CoreMix is formulated to enhance core recovery, minimize filtrate invasion, and reduce the sticking of bitumen onto tubulars.  The use of bentonite and other additives is not […]

    Extra High Yield™ Bentonite for Oilfield

    Extra High Yield™ Bentonite (EHYB) is used as the base fluid for many water-based drilling fluids. While Extra High Yield™ Bentonite’s primary function is to provide viscosity, it also exhibits gelling properties characteristic of fluid loss control agents. Extra High Yield™ Bentonite has a higher performance formula that makes it a very effective viscosifier. It is designed for […]

    Wyoming Gel

    Oilfield Application: Sodium montmorillonite (Earth Pro Wyoming Gel) is sold under various trade names. In fresh water it yields 92-100 bbl/ton of 15 cps viscosity mud. Earth Pro Wyoming Gel conforms to the following API specifications (API Spec 13A, Section 4 Fourteenth Ed. Aug. 1991). Suspension of 22.5 grams in 350 ml of distilled water. Earth […]


    Earth Pro Poly-Xan a high molecular weight biopolymer of Xanthan Gum. It is used primarily as a viscosifier in fresh water, seawater or saline muds. It also provides a measure of filtration control. Earth Pro Poly-Xan (in conjunction with an oxygen scavenger) is temperature stable to 150°C. It is stable in a wide pH range and is […]


    NaturalGel® is an unpeptized bentonite (sodium montmorillonite). NaturalGel has the unusual property of expanding several times its original volume when placed in water. The result is higher fluid viscosity, gel strength, and solids-suspending ability. Bentonite can be added up to 20% by volume by weight of cement. Above 6%, the addition of a dispersant is […]

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