Mineral Exploration Drilling Products, Backed By Real-World Expertise

Di-Corp has unmatched expertise in the mineral exploration drilling industry and works hard to ensure you have the drill rod, diamond tooling, core retrieval tools, drilling fluids, and technical assistance you need to keep your operations moving.

Mineral Exploration

Meeting the Needs of Mineral Exploration Drilling Companies

Diamond Core Drilling

Di-Corp advances the state of diamond core drilling by improving upon heat treating, machining and manufacturing methods in order to engineer higher levels of quality into the downhole tooling commonly used in mineral exploration and production drilling. As a leading manufacturer of mineral exploration products, we have helped our customers successfully increase drilling productivity and reduce downtime by providing diamond drilling equipment and consumables that are more reliable with fewer failures.

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Rotary, DTH & RC Drilling

Di-Corp’s US subsidiary, Jentech Drilling Supply, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of some of the market’s highest quality DTH hammers and bits, rotary tricone bits, hole openers, drag bits, as well as top hammer steel, shanks, and bits.

Why Choose Di-Corp?

Drilling Fluids Service, Education, Engineering & Support

At Di-Corp, we are committed to “down-to-earth” customer service. We are pleased to help you make the most of your drilling fluids investment and maximize your potential profits through:

  • Education for your front-line team.
  • Engineering field-level tools to increase efficiency & performance.
  • Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for urgent drilling fluids matters.

Serving the Mineral Exploration Industry Across the Globe

Di-Corp is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with manufacturing, distribution, and customer service locations in four Canadian provinces, the United States, Mexico, and Ghana, West Africa. Additionally, Di-Corp has an established international supply chain, and nine international distributors serving South America, Europe and Central Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.


Serving the Mineral Exploration Industry Across the Globe

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, Di-Corp focuses only on manufacturing and supplying drilling consumables. Many of our team members are former drillers, and our friends are drillers. We're determined to meet the needs of drillers by ensuring they have the best quality, most reliable drill rod, wireline core retrieval tools, diamond tools, and fluids to keep rigs turning and core boxes filled.

Secondly, we are obsessed with quality - as demonstrated by the extremely low failure rate among all our mineral exploration and diamond core drilling consumables and equipment. Our intense Quality Assurance program begins with the sourcing and testing of raw materials and continues through every phase of machining and manufacturing. For example, while other companies randomly spot test rod quality every few bundles (or every shift), Di-Corp ensures that every single drill rod is fully inspected and quality tested.

Finally, we don't take risks with our reputation or our customers' time. We would rather scrap a less-than-perfect product before it leaves the factory than put it in the field where it could potentially fail and result in downtime for our customers. Our people are also personally invested. Any member of our production team has the power to fail a drill rod, bit, or core barrel at any stage of production.

Drillers Edge Inc. products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment of goods. This warranty extends to the shipment of goods from an authorized distributor, provided that the distributor stores the product in a suitable facility and maintains the product in an as-purchased condition. During the warranty period, Drillers Edge will replace products that prove to be defective. For complete details and limitations, please download our Warranty Policy.

Di-Corp has been in the drilling fluids business for more than 60 years, getting its start in the energy sector of western Canada. Our drilling fluids and lubricants for the mineral exploration industry meet or exceed the performance results of all our competitors' products. Download our Earth Pro Portfolio Matrix sheet comparison and cross-reference chart to learn more.

Di-Corp ships worldwide from its drill rod manufacturing plant in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. Before shipping, the pin and box threads of each rod are coated with an environmentally-friendly Earth Pro thread compound to reduce friction. This allows for the proper makeup of the joint with less torque and reduced galling. Each rod then has a plastic end cap applied before being bundled, and a galvanized metal cap is then applied to protect the ends of the entire bundle. For more information, download our Drill Rod Packaging and Shipping Information sheet.

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