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    Polymer Additives - Geothermal

    SynVis L

    Earth Pro SynVis L is a high yield, readily dispersible, anionic, liquid synthetic polymer formulation that can act alone or as part of a complete fluid solution for varied demanding drilling situations. SynVis L Product Sheet


    Earth Pro MultiMix is a dry blend of specially engineered synthetic polymers designed to flexibly bond loose ground and improve wellbore stability in difficult drilling situations. It is used to penetrate unconsolidated formations and then fully hydrate to form a sort of polymer glue holding formation in place allowing for drilling to proceed uninhibited. MultiMix …

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    ProPac D

    Earth Pro ProPac D is a 100% active dry natural-based polymer that is used to control fluid loss and enhance filter cakes. It can also be used as a high shear rate viscosity modifier or lubricant. Earth Pro ProPac D is commonly used in Horizontal Directional Drilling, Mineral Exploration and large Bore Infrastructure drilling. It …

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