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    Bentonite Products - Infrastructure


    For use in drilling operations where premium grade Wyoming Bentonite is desired. Hydrogel is a preferred product for use in oil and gas exploration drilling where API 13A Section 9 material is required. It is also used in slurry trenching, caisson boring, and cast-in-place concrete foundations. Hydrogel is NSF Certified to NSF/ANSI 60.

    Enviroplug No.8

    Enviroplug No.8 is a high-swelling Wyoming Bentonite in granular form. The unique molecular structure allows them to absorb five times their weight of water and swell to a volume of 12 to 16 times their dry bulk, making it an ideal well sealant. Applied dry or in a pumpable slurry, the fine granules expand against …

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    Enviroplug Medium

    Enviroplug Medium is made of pure ‘Wyoming Bentonite’, and was the first bentonite chip developed and marketed. Enviroplug has been used for abandoning holes since 1983. Enviroplug is used in sealing and plugging applications. Enviroplug Medium swell to fill voids, exerting pressure against all surfaces to create a flexible low permeability seal. Since Enviroplug is introduced in a “dry” …

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