Enviroplug No.8 and No.20

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    Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Enviroplug No.8 and No.20

    Enviroplug® No.8 and No.20 are high-swelling Wyoming Bentonite in granular form. The unique molecular structure allows them to absorb five times their weight of water and swell to a volume of 12 to 16 times their dry bulk, making it an ideal well sealant. Applied dry or in a pumpable slurry, the fine granules expand against casings and formations to create a very low permeability flexible grout seal.

    Enviroplug No.8 and No.20 product sheet



    Enviroplug No.8

    • 98% minimum passing 4 mesh
    • 5% maximum passing 20 mesh

    Enviroplug No.20

    • 97% minimum passing 8 mesh
    • 5% maximum passing 20 mesh

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