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    Specialty Products - HDD


    Earth Pro XL-Defoamer is a powerful defoamer intended for use where mild to severe foaming of aqueous based fluids has occurred. It is effective at all pH ranges, at high temperatures and over a wide salinity range. Normal treatment for light foam is 0.3-0.9 L/m³ and with more difficult foams, 0.9-1.8 L/m³ may be required.

    Claymean L

    Earth Pro Claymean L is a drilling fluid additive (organic liquid amine) that is used for chemical inhibition of water sensitive clay and shale formations. Low chlorides within Earth Pro Claymean L, alternate to KCI or Salt Brines for the prevention of hydration of clays and shale encountered while drilling. Earth Pro Claymean L prevents drill hole enlargement from …

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