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    Alkalinity Controllers - Oil & Gas

    Sodium Bisulfate

    Sodium Bisulfate is an effective alternative to sulfamic acid or citric acid for lowering the pH of…

    Caustic Soda Beads

    Caustic Soda Beads (Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)) are a strong alkali used to increase the pH and alkalinity of the liquid phase. The amount needed to obtain a given pH may be affected by a variety of drilling fluid products and related activities. The following chart is an approximation only. Note: Additions made to water with …

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    Sulfamic Acid

    Sulfamic Acid, otherwise known as amidosulfonic acid or amidosulfuric acid, is a dry, non-volatile, non-hygroscopic, stable solid. It is soluble in water and forms a strongly acidic aqueous solution comparable in acidity to the common strong mineral acids, but it can be safely handled and stored in its dry form. Sulfamic Acid is used to …

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    Sodium Bicarbonate

    Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHC03) is commonly known as Bi-Carb, Baking Soda or Bicarbonate of Soda. Sodium Bicarbonate is most commonly used for treating cement contamination by precipitating the calcium as calcium carbonate and reducing the pH. The available H+ ion can reduce the pH in any drilling fluid with a pH above 8.5. As a pre-treatment …

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    Citric Acid

    Citric Acid is often incorporated into acid formulations. Its function is to prevent the precipitation of gelatinous ferric hydroxide as the acid spends. As a sequestering agent, citric acid can hold as much as 3000 mg/L of ferric iron in spent acid solutions for more than 4 hours at temperatures above 80°C. Citric Acid is one of the most …

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    Hydrated Lime

    Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) is a dry powder used to raise pH in various industrial applications, including clear water drilling. Hydrated lime, otherwise known as slack lime, builders lime, or pickling lime, is made from a mixture of quicklime and water. In clear water drilling, hydrated lime is added to the sump water to increase …

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    Magnesium Oxide

    Magnesium Oxide can be used as a substitute for lime as a coagulant in clear water drilling and for alkalinity control in polymer systems where a high pH (above 11.0) is undesirable. Any undissolved excess Magnesium Oxide will continue to dissolve at a slow rate to maintain a constant pH level of 10.7. Magnesium Oxide …

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