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    Humalite (Black Earth Powder)

    Humalite is a naturally oxidized coal-like material similar to Leonardite (Lignite) but has a much higher humified organic matter content and significantly lower residuals. Humalite is used in water-based muds as a thinner (dispersant), and a secondary filtration control agent. It is a more stable thinner and filtration control additive at high temperatures than are the lignosulfonates. Concentrations vary […]

    CF Desco II

    CF Desco II is used to control rheological properties in water based drilling fluids. CF Desco II is an alkaline material, which is effective in a wide pH range (optimum is suggested at 9.0-11.0) in fresh water and salt-water muds. CF Desco II is highly effective at low concentrations and is compatible with all other mud […]

    Di-Sperse 72L

    Earth Pro Di-Sperse 72L is effective at any pH and due to its rapid dissolution, it immediately affects the flow properties of a drilling fluid. Its primary function is to act as a flow control agent by reducing viscosity and gel strengths in conventional and low solids water based drilling fluids. Di-Sperse 72L Product Sheet

    TKPP (Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate)

    TKPP (Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate) is a highly soluble, more environmentally friendly, low sodium alternative to SAPP. It is used as a replacement to SAPP due to its low sodium content where LWD is the preferred method of disposal. TKPP’s main application is for the dispersion of mud rings when water drilling and as a rapid thinner prior […]

    SAPP (Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate)

    SAPP (Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate) (Na2H2P2O7) is widely used in industrial processes as a cleaner and dispersant. SAPP is used as a strong deflocculant (thinner) in freshwater mud systems. It is commonly used in the dispersion of mud rings when water drilling and as a rapid thinner prior to cementing casing. In water drilling applications, normally add […]

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