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    Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Filtrate Reducers - Oil & Gas

    Earth Pro PAC

    Di-Corp is a leading polymer and drilling fluid additive supplier. We provide various products that can help your drilling operations, including Earth Pro PAC. Earth Pro PAC is a high purity, low molecular weight polyanionic cellulose polymer. It is available in regular (R) and low-viscosity (LV) grades. Earth Pro PAC is a primary fluid-loss reducer …

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    Gilsonite is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon. It is mined and ground to the desired particle size. Gilsonite is used in drilling mud fluids and oil well cementing. Gilsonite, in a range of softening points and particle sizes, is a standard ingredient in oil-based drilling muds used in shales and other difficult geological formations. The addition of …

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    Modified Starch

    Modified Starch is a highly derivatized polysaccharide specifically developed as a filtration control additive for drilling and completion fluids. The product was developed to meet the more stringent Canadian market requirements. Modified Starch product sheet

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