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Reduce surface tension and optimize mud properties with our selection of drilling foam surfactants.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Durable Drilling Foams for Various Drilling Industries

    Enhance your drilling performance with our cutting-edge foaming agent products. These drilling foaming agents are engineered to effectively transport drill cuttings to the surface and have a long half-life, ensuring the foam remains stable and functional for a prolonged period.

    For over 60 years, Di-Corp has been a reliable supplier of drilling foam across the following drilling sectors.

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    Our Quality Supply of Drilling Foam Products

    Whether you are looking for a product that reduces surface tension or efficiently carries drilling cuttings to the surface, we offer a range of high-performance drilling foam surfactant products tailored to these specific needs.

    BioFoam Subzero

    Earth Pro BioFoam Subzero is a freeze-protected surfactant blend foam for drill-cutting removal in under-balanced fluid systems. Although it is primarily used for carrying drill cuttings to the surface, it can also be used as a discharge auger coolant or dust suppressant.

    Drilling Detergent L

    Earth Pro Drilling Detergent L is an anionic, liquid, surface-wetting agent. It is added directly to a water-based mud system to reduce surface tension, and it is commonly used in concentrations of 0.2-0.6 L/m³.


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Take advantage of the following benefits when you choose Di-Corp as your drilling mud foam supplier.

    Six Decades of Drilling Experience

    With extensive expertise in the drilling industry, we are equipped with the necessary supplies, tools, fluids, and knowledge to support and improve your drilling operations. Our deep understanding of drilling challenges, such as friction coefficients and differential sticking, allows us to provide targeted and effective solutions.

    One-Stop-Shop for Drilling Fluids

    In addition to our drilling foams, we can provide various drilling fluid products, including fluid loss additives, greases & lubricants, flocculants, cements and grouts, bentonites, lost circulation materials, polymers, thinners/dispersants, waste treatment and solidifying agents, and weighting materials.

    Access to Products 24/7

    Our global supply chain and dedicated sales team ensure you can access the drilling foams you need anytime and anywhere to maintain smooth drilling operations around the clock.

    Reduce Surface Tension With Our Drilling Foam

    Regardless of your drilling industry, our drilling foam products can support your operational needs. Browse through our selection of foams and request a comprehensive quote today.