Mineral Exploration Drilling Fluids and Additives

Ensure smooth, efficient drilling for every ground condition with Di-Corp’s drilling fluid expertise and our proven, high-quality line-up of drilling fluids, additives, and lubricants for Mineral Exploration.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    A Trusted Expert in the Mineral Exploration Drilling Mud

    For more than 60 years, Di-Corp has been a reliable source of best-in-class drilling fluids and additives used in Mining & Mineral Exploration. In addition to developing, manufacturing, and selling its own in-house brand of advanced Earth Pro drilling fluids, Di-Corp also provides custom blending, packaging, and distributorship services for well-known major chemical manufacturers and drilling fluids engineering firms.

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    A Diverse Collection of Quality Drilling Fluids & Additives for Your Mining Drilling Operations

    Regardless of the kind of drilling you do, Di-Corp has a diverse collection of quality drilling mud and technical knowledge to help you achieve smoother, more efficient drilling operations. We manufacture, distribute and sell an exhaustive portfolio of bentonites, cements and grouts, general chemicals, greases and lubricants, lost circulation material, polymers, thinners and dispersants, weighting materials, waste treatment and solidifying agents, and other specialty products. We have the experience and the products to help you maximize bit and drill string life, achieve optimum drill penetration rate, maintain hole stabilization, limit fluid loss/loss circulation events, and control your overall cost per meter drilled.


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Established in 1960, Di-Corp has grown exponentially and has become a recognized Canadian leader in sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and the custom blending of drilling fluids and additives for all drilling disciplines.

    Drilling Fluid Experts

    We’re not only distributors, manufacturers, and custom blenders of quality drilling fluid products but also experts in our field. We understand the products you use and how you use them, and we know that having them right when and where you need them makes a huge difference.

    Warehouses Across Canada

    With a network of warehouses across Western Canada and an established global supply chain and sales team, we can help you access the products you need wherever you need them–on a 24/7 basis. Our main focus is keeping your operations up and running, day or night.

    Quality Management

    At Di-Corp, we are committed to the success of your project and the safety of everyone involved in the manufacturing, logistics and use of our products. To that end, many of our locations operate in accordance with a Quality Policy registered to the ISO 9001 Standard.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you provide mud training?

    Yes. We offer a unique 3-step approach to get the most for your spend by providing fluids planning and consulting assistance, fluid training and education
    for frontline staff, technical assistance and service.

    Learn more about our Drilling Fluid Training, Support Services & Consultation via this link.

    Why is barite used in drilling mud?

    Barite is a mineral that acts as a weighting agent, effectively preventing the explosive release of oil and gas during drilling, making it an essential component in drilling muds.

    Is drilling mud toxic?

    Drilling mud is not toxic, although the chemical reactions from mixing a variety of common additives can make it mildly toxic. To be safe, it’s important to always wear proper PPE when handling fluids and additives.

    Achieve Smooth, Efficient Drilling Operations From a Leading Drilling Fluid & Additive Supplier

    Whether you require common drilling fluid additives, fluid loss control additives or more, our diverse product line of fluid additives can support your drilling program. Browse through our selection of drilling fluids and additives and request a comprehensive quote today.