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Mud Terminator™

Di-Corp is a leading supplier of soil solidification products that can turn wet slurry into dry soil in minutes.

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    The Most Trusted Soil Solidification Reagent

    Earth Pro Mud Terminator from Di-Corp is trusted by municipalities and contractors across North America for reliability, quality, and superior performance at lower dosage concentrations compared to other waste solidification agents. Mud Terminator converts slurry to stackable soil in minutes, delivering impressive results in half the time and with up to half the amount of product compared to competitors.

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    6 proven advantages of using mud terminator

    Earth Pro Mud Terminator consists of a proprietary blend of ingredients incorporating superabsorbent polymers in the mixture. Our superior quality control ensures more consistent blending and performance than other solidifiers. The material is non-hazardous, chemically inert (won’t react with anything), non-dusty, and absorbs very quickly. It can be used in a broad range of industrial applications and has been proven very effective in absorbing drill cuttings, drilling mud, hydro-excavated material, tunnel muck, and stormwater pond sediment.

    Mud Terminator absorbs up to 350 times its weight in water yet expands by less than 1 percent. As a result, you can solidify more mud or slurry with much less product than other so-called ‘eco’ solidification products. Less product and less expansion mean easier handling, fewer truckloads to landfills, and reduced emissions from your project.

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    What Our Customers Say About Mud Terminator

    “Mud Terminator worked great, and we only had to use about half as much compared to the other solidification product.”

    Properties of Mud Terminator

    The following are some key properties you need to know about Mud Terminator.

    Physical Properties

    Chemical Properties

    Packaging & Controls

    Mixing & Handling

    Additional Features & Benefits

    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Six Decades of Experience

    With more than 60 years in business, Di-Corp is a leading preferred supplier of soil solidification reagents and other treatments to the environmental remediation industry with years of collaborative expertise in tunnelling, stormwater pond management, and excess soils management.

    Knowledgeable Field Staff

    Our field experts bring strong technical support, gained through working on some of the largest North American municipal infrastructure projects and from working with major contractors. We come to the table with suggestions and product options for variable waste streams and are familiar with excess soil regulations in multiple jurisdictions.

    Reliable Supply

    Di-Corp has a decades-long history of meeting supply requirements for projects large and small. We have developed purposed-built equipment for feed control of Mud Terminator product, and a just-in-time delivery service to accommodate your site management and keep drilling operations on schedule.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Mud Terminator compare with other industrial solidification agents?

    Mud Terminator is the original and best-performing solidifying agent, which improves slurry solidification speed with much less product.

    Can Mud Terminator reduce the impact on the environment?

    Yes. Environmentally stable Mud Terminator ensures your treated spoils pass the required paint filter and slump tests. In addition to meeting microtox criteria for land application, Mud Terminator is recognized by the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks for safe application, making it the most eco-smart soil solidification product for your projects.

    How can Mud Terminator reduce costs?

    Since Mud Terminator is a superabsorbent polymer, it will absorb up to 350x its weight in water while only expanding less than 1%, meaning you will have less liquid waste at your project site and lower transportation and landfill costs than the next drilling waste solidification agent.

    Why does Mud Terminator utilize superabsorbent polymers instead of traditional absorbing agents?

    Polymer reagents replace the need for many common and more costly alternatives like Portland cement, sawdust, lime, fly ash and others giving you an easy, quick and environmentally friendly way to manage your liquid waste streams.

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