Earth Pro

Di-Corp is proud to be rebranding some of our existing and trusted West Coast Drilling Supply, Canamara and Di-Corp products under a brand that is all our own, Earth Pro.

Our new Earth Pro line has been chosen and developed over many years of experience in numerous drilling disciplines, picking the best products and sourcing them better to offer our customers what they deserve – a comprehensive, concise and user friendly drilling mud additive portfolio.

pail of foam slayer

Earth Pro Foam Slayer

Di-Corp is a leading manufacturer of foaming control agents, like Earth Pro Foam Slayer. Earth Pro Foam Slayer is a versatile, low-toxicity blend of products used to control foaming problems in a wide range of industrial applications. Earth Pro Foam Slayer is one of the top foam control agents as it is very effective in […]

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bags of pac-r and pac-lv

Earth Pro PAC

Earth Pro PAC is a primary fluid-loss reducer for water-based drilling fluids and also serves as a suspending agent. This polymer’s highly polyanionic nature grants it shale stabilizing properties by binding to positive sites on formation substrates, forming a protective barrier. These suspension properties are crucial in maintaining formation pressure and ensuring consistent performance across

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pail of biofoam subzero

BioFoam Subzero

Earth Pro BioFoam Subzero is a surfactant blend foam for drill cutting removal in under-balanced fluid systems. This foaming agent is a freeze-protected alternative to standard BioFoam. Used primarily as a drilling foam that carries drill cuttings to the surface, Earth Pro BioFoam Subzero can also be used as a dust suppressant and as a discharge auger coolant.

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pails of thread compound

Thread Shield

Di-Corp is a leading supplier of drilling fluids and drilling compounds, like Earth Pro Thread Shield. Earth Pro Thread Shield is purposefully-designed for sealing threads in drill rod connections, offering superior thread protection. The special non-metallic components are specially formulated to aid in the assembly and disassembly of drill rods without damaging the threaded surfaces.

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