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Earth Pro Foam Slayer

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    Earth Pro Foam Slayer

    Di-Corp is a leading manufacturer of foaming control agents, like Earth Pro Foam Slayer.

    Earth Pro Foam Slayer is a versatile, low-toxicity blend of products used to control foaming problems in a wide range of industrial applications.

    Earth Pro Foam Slayer is one of the top foam control agents as it is very effective in low concentrations and is a more persistent defoamer than alternative anti-foam/defoaming agents.

    It is particularly effective in combating foam when drilling through oil sands.

    Foam Slayer | Di-Corp Product Sheet

    pail of foam slayer

    Features & Benefits

    • Ideal for combatting mild to severe foaming
    • Can be premixed as an anti-foaming agent in drilling fluids and specialty chemicals used in resource exploration drilling, where vigorous agitation is required or with products that are known to have foaming tendencies
    • Easy to mix and works quickly
    • Compatible with other commonly used mud additives

    Mixing & Handling

    Defoaming is a complex reaction. Therefore, further research and pilot testing of foam control products may be necessary to determine optimum treatment rates and methods.

    The recommended treatment of foam control concentrations will vary depending on the severity of foaming. However, 0.5‑1.5 L/m3 will be effective in most cases.

    For maximum effectiveness, Earth Pro Foam Slayer should be added directly to the fluid system, as close to the point of foaming as possible.

    Physical Properties

    Appearance: Colorless liquid
    Specific Gravity: 1.005 g/mL
    Pour Point: -20°C (-4°F)
    Flash Point: >150°C (302°F) – closed cap
    Viscosity@25°C: 1110 (cST)

    Chemical Properties

    Solubility: Dispersible (water)
    Brine: Dispersible


    WHMIS: Not controlled
    TDG: Not regulated
    Packaging: 20L pail

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