Core Barrel Assemblies & Options

Efficient and effective core retrieval with assemblies optimized for smooth latching and reliable releasing.

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    Core Barrel Assemblies and Options From Your Trusted Diamond Core Drilling Partner

    Increase the productivity of your drilling operations and maximize core retrieval regardless of ground conditions with Di-Corp’s core barrel assembly options. Di-Corp focuses on serving all drillers, offering a dependable, alternative source of industry-standard in-hole core retrieval tools that operate safely and reliably. We offer wireline core barrel assemblies that can be used to retrieve the core without pulling out the entire drill string, including standard core barrel assemblies, head assemblies, conversions, kits, or extended options. No matter your core barrel needs, Di-Corp Drillers Edge has you covered.

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    Core barrel assembly on a table.

    Quality Drilling Core Barrel Assemblies and Options for Your Operations

    As one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of core barrel assemblies, we offer a complete range of products compatible with popular industry coring systems to offer enhanced functionality in drilling operations.

    Core Barrel Conversions

    Di-Corp offers several Core Barrel Conversion assemblies. One allows for a seamless transition from the industry-leading core barrel assembly to the enhanced EdgeLATCH Core Barrel by replacing only a handful of simple components. Another comes fully assembled and replaces all components.

    Core Barrel Kits

    Di-Corp offers both gravity and pump-in systems in double and triple-tube configurations. We have incorporated a number of product improvements to ensure you remain productive, including EdgeLATCH for improved locking and unlocking, shielded bearing, latch locking for up-hole drilling, inner tube, and more.

    EdgeLATCH Core Barrel Assemblies & Options

    Di-Corp’s EdgeLATCH Surface Core Barrel offering includes standard sizes from B to P, and the Pump-In Core Barrel includes B to H. All Core Barrel Assemblies are supplied with the EdgeLATCH Head Assembly and Conventional Locking Couplings.

    EdgeLATCH™ Core Barrel Head Assemblies & Options

    The EdgeLATCH Head Assembly is a robust, reliable tool that is supplied complete with landing indication and is fully compatible with the industry leader. The EdgeLATCH latching system provides an enhanced mechanism for retracting the latches, which lessens the chances of sticking a tube.

    Extended Core Barrel Options

    Di-Corp has a solution for extending your standard Core Barrel. Whether you’re coupling two standard Core Barrels together or simply extending an Inner Tube Assembly to match a stabilized Reaming Shell, Di-Corp has what you require to get the job done.

    RetroLATCH Core Barrel Head Assemblies & Options

    The RetroLATCH Head Assembly is based on a well-established, tried, tested and true design used universally in the Exploration industry. The RetroLATCH latching system is the most common latching system used today. The Di-Corp RetroLATCH Head Assembly design is fully compatible with that of the industry leader.


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    As a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, parts and accessories serving the energy, mining, and drilling industries, we can focus on all aspects of your project.

    Quality Control

    At Di-Corp, we work with our customers to provide quality products and can tailor our quality program to meet specific customer needs. That’s why all of our core barrel assemblies and drilling equipment pass through a quality control process prior to being released to the market as a finished product.

    Integrated Tool Safety

    Our in-hole core retrieval accessories and tools are designed with safety and productivity top of mind. These tools provide positive locking of the overshot that ensures they cannot loosen from any vibrations– keeping your operations running safely and smoothly. For more information on the benefits and features of our EdgeLATCH, watch our YouTube video.

    Customer Service

    At Di-Corp, we take pride in our customer service. To guarantee your satisfaction, our team of dedicated customer representatives will work with you to ensure your products satisfy your operational needs.

    Maximize core retrieval with Core Barrel Assemblies

    As a leading manufacturing and distributing company of core barrel assemblies, we will assist you in finding superior products that can withstand your challenging drilling operations. Browse through our diverse list of core barrel assemblies and request a comprehensive quote from us today.