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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Diamond Gel

    Diamond Gel bentonite is a viscosifier, lubricant, and fluid loss control additive that is engineered to disperse easily in poor mixing conditions commonly found on coring rigs, eliminating waste due to clumping.

    Extra High Yield® Bentonite for Non-Oilfield

    Our Extra High Yield Bentonite® (EHYB) is a specially peptized high-yield bentonite that disperses and hydrates to provide excellent borehole cleaning capabilities and well-bore stability.


    Hydrogel® is designed for use in oil and gas exploration drilling where API 13A Section 9 material is required. It is a 200-mesh viscosity builder, yields excellent fluid loss characteristics, and stabilizes borehole or trench walls.


    Micro-Gel® is engineered to promote low fluid loss and increased lubricity, which translates to low jacking pressures. The superior filter cake and gel strengths of Micro-Gel® help ensure the integrity of the tunnel walls is maintained.


    Tru-Bore® is a highly concentrated bentonite-based drilling fluid used for difficult drilling operations in both vertical and horizontal borings. Tru-Bore® is extremely effective at maintaining hole integrity during pullback and stabilizes formations ranging from moderate clay to high sand concentrations.

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