Oilfield Cement Additives

Feel confident taking on even the harshest drilling and completion conditions with Di-Corp’s advanced cementing & stimulation products and expertise. From microspheres to fluid loss additives and viscosifiers, we have every cementing and stimulation product you need for your drilling and completion operations.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    A Leading Cementing & Stimulation Product Distributor in North America​​

    Di-Corp works with oil and gas well servicing companies to streamline cementing & stimulation operations. We specialize in cementing and completion products as well as technical advice for oil and gas well servicing companies and general industrial applications.

    We specialize in…

    • Oil well cement additives
    • Acidizing additives
    • Wireline cement blends
    • Coiled tubing additives
    • Oil sands cementing

    General industrial applications involve…

    • Custom cement blending
    • Cement packaging
    • Custom additive blending

    Unmatched Cementing & Stimulation Knowledge & Reliable Product Supply

    We provide a diverse collection of cementing and stimulation products to help boost hydrocarbon production and enhance the performance of your drilling and completion operations. Whether you’re looking for heavy-weight additives, light-weight additives, friction-reducing additives, or more, we have you covered. Our Cementing & Stimulation team delivers unmatched customer service backed by decades of experience and in-depth product and technical knowledge to help you optimize your drilling and completion programs.


    Accelerate cement setting and thickening time with specialty accelerators like Processed Lime, Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous, or Calcium Chloride 94-97% - Mini Prill.

    Acidizing Specialty Additives

    Restore and recover productivity on aging wells, or maximize initial productivity in new well environments with acidizing specialty additives like sodium chloride (salt) or soda ash.

    Alkalinity Controllers

    Control the alkalinity in polymer systems where pH is too high with the help of alkalinity controllers.


    Effectively control both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in a well environment with bactericides.

    Buffers/pH Adjusters

    Maintain the alkalinity of oil-based drilling fluids with buffers/pH adjusters that enhance the performance of emulsifiers.

    Calcium Removers

    Accelerate or retard cement hydration while removing calcium deposits with calcium removers like soda ash.

    Cement Foamers

    Off-set the generation of substantial foam in a wellbore with cement foamers.


    Hold casing in place and gain long-term zonal isolation with quality cement.

    Corrosion Inhibitors

    Extend the lifespan of metallic materials by protecting them with corrosion inhibitors.


    Increase the viscosity of gelling agents in pipeline or stimulation cleaning treatments with crosslinkers.


    Eliminate foam formation and minimize the air entrainment in cement slurry with defoamers/antifoamers.

    Evaporate Stabilizers

    Evaporate stabilizers such as NaCl (Salt) can increase the surface tension between water particles, helping to reduce evaporation and enhance cement curing.


    Lighten cement slurries and reduce slurry density while preventing cement sedimentation with extenders.

    Lost Circulation Materials

    Eliminate the loss of drilling fluids during the drilling process with loss circulation materials.


    Increase compressive strength by delaying the setting of cement with retarders.

    Shale Inhibitors/Clay Stabilizers

    Minimize downhole problems due to excessive mud weights and enhance drilling fluid integrity with shale inhibitors/clay stabilizers.

    Specialty Additives

    Enhance the performance of well environments with specialty additives, like Earth Pro Red Dye, that determine the pre-flush interface when cementing oilfield casing.


    Improve apparent viscosity and the rheological properties of cement slurries with thinners/dispersants.


    Effectively increase fluid viscosity and gel strength with Di-Corp’s oilfield viscosifiers.

    Weighting Materials

    Increase mud densities up to 2400 ​​kg/m3 with solid weighting materials like Barite.

    Calcium Chloride 94-97% – Mini Prills

    An anhydrous pellet form of Calcium Chloride (CaCl2). It is the most widely used and most effective of all cement accelerators. Normally 1 to 3% calcium chloride based on the cement is used. In general calcium chloride is added to cement slurries to shorten the setting time and/or accelerate the hardening process. It can also […]

    Hydrated Lime

    Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) is a dry powder used to raise pH in various industrial applications, including clear water drilling. Hydrated lime, otherwise known as slack lime, builders lime, or pickling lime, is made from a mixture of quicklime and water. In clear water drilling, hydrated lime is added to the sump water to increase […]

    Magnesium Oxide

    Magnesium Oxide can be used as a substitute for lime as a coagulant in clear water drilling and for alkalinity control in polymer systems where a high pH (above 11.0) is undesirable. Any undissolved excess Magnesium Oxide will continue to dissolve at a slow rate to maintain a constant pH level of 10.7. Magnesium Oxide […]

    Salt (Fine and #8 Coarse)

    Salt is the common name for granular sodium chloride (NaCl). Available in two mesh sizes depending on application. Stimulation Salt is often used as a diverting agent for acid stimulation. A broad spectrum of particle sizes can also be used including large particles that will bridge fractures and large port throats and the smaller particles to fill […]

    Soda Ash for Cementing

    Soda Ash is the common name for anhydrous Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3). Soda Ash can be used as a chemical admixture for Portland Cement. When the dosage is low, Soda Ash can be used as an accelerator of cement hydration but acts as a retarder when the dosage is high. Soda Ash for Cementing product sheet


    What Our Customers Say About Di-Corp’s Oil Well Cement Products and Services

    Di-Corp’s process for placing orders and receiving deliveries is exceptional. The on-call team recognizes the 24/7 business we live in and that’s much appreciated.

    Overall, I look forward to future business with Di-Corp. It’s a pleasure dealing with the
    numerous teams and continuing to build the Di-Corp relationship!

    Di-Corp has stepped up to the plate when we need them and continues to be on top. Jeff’s experience in certain products has mitigated much of our risk during global supply chain issues.


    Why Choose Di-Corp​

    As a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, parts, and accessories serving the Energy, Mining, and Drilling industries, we can focus on helping you with all aspects of your cementing & stimulation operations.

    Customer Service​

    We take pride in having an excellent team of Customer Representatives that deliver phenomenal customer service. Our CRs will work with you to satisfy all of your needs and find oilfield cementing products that work best for your cementing & stimulation operations.

    Warranty of Product​

    As the cementing product supplier and manufacturer of our own products, we stand behind all of our cementing products 100%. We are happy to address any issues or concerns you may have and help you find a solution that gets your operations back on track.

    Global Supply Chain & Logistics ​

    Di-Corp provides manufacturing and distribution services in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Africa. Additionally, Di-Corp has an established global supply chain with nine international distributors serving Australia, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the different types of cement Di-Corp can supply?

    There are a wide variety of cement types. Di-Corp can provide hotset cement, microfine cement, oil well cement, resinbond cement, and thermal cement.

    What are additives in cement?

    Additives are materials that are added to cement to enhance its strength and performance. Cementing additives can reduce thickening time, maintain cement structure, and improve cement performance in harsh operating conditions.

    What is Oilwell G cement?

    Oilwell G cement is a specialty type of cement used in oil wells that are subject to high pressure and a high-temperature range. This solution has a longer thickening time while offering a highly effective solution for the harsh conditions of oil wells.

    Improve the Productivity of Wells With Quality Cementing & Stimulation Products

    As an industry leader in cementing & stimulation products, Di-Corp has all the additives, products, and technical knowledge needed to help you increase the productivity and performance of your well cementing and completion operations. Browse through our extensive list of cementing and stimulation products and request a comprehensive quote from us today.