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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Silica Flour

    Silica Flour is powdered sand that inhibits strength retrogression in oil-well cements at elevated temperatures. As a cement extender, it prevents cement sedimentation by increasing low shear viscosity. Silica Flour adjusts the phase transformation of cement-water mixture that occurs at high temperature which helps oil-well cement maintain its compressive strength and low permeability. Silica Flour has […]

    Silica Fume (Densified)

    Silica Fume (Densified) is a silicon dioxide that has undergone the densification process. Silica Fume (Densified) is a pozzolanic material used to improve the strength of cements. Reacting with the hydration products of portland cement, it forms a calcium silicate hydrate matrix which yields a lightweight high compressive-strength cement. Silica Fume (Densified) also improves the flowability of […]

    Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous (SMS)

    SMS are a powder form of anhydrous sodium metasilicate. SMS are normally dry blended and used as an extender in oilwell cements. Light weight slurries can be formulated by blending SMS with the lime present in cement or by the addition of calcium chloride to produce a calcium silicate gel. This gel structure creates enough viscosity […]

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