Ultrafine Grout

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    Ultrafine Grout

    Ultrafine Grout is composed of a finely ground mixture of Portland cement, pumice pozzolan, and dispersant. Ultrafine cementitious grout has an average particle size of 3 microns, in stark contrast to typical particle sizes of 60 to 70 microns in conventional cements. Ultrafine SD grout is formulated with a naphthalene sulfonate-based superplasticizer for a foolproof system with minimal bleed and high compressive strengths for rock fracture and soil stabilization applications.


    • Stabilize weak soils.
    • Seal seepage in mines, dams, tunnels, casing vent leaks, cement squeezes, etc.
    • Low permeability grout curtaining.
    • Hazardous waste containment.
    • Oil well squeeze cementing.

    Note: U.S. grout inquiries will be redirected to our U.S. subsidiary, Jentech Drilling Supply.

    Ultrafine Grout product sheet

    Two bags of Ultrafine Group. The bags have the United States flag with the text “Ultrafine Grout. Manufactured by U.S. Grout LLC Malad City, Idaho USA. 20KG NET WEIGHT (44LBS)”

    Features and Benefits

    • Smaller particle sizes will penetrate smaller fractures and finer soils.
    • Ready to use – no additives required.
    • Stable North American source of supply.
    • Composed of non-hazardous materials.
    • Lower permeability means reduced hydraulic conductivity and extended longevity when compared to ordinary Portland cement.

    Mixing & Handling

    Physical Properties

    Chemical Properties

    Packaging & Controls

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