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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives



    Cellophane is a clear, multi-sized flake of polycellulose used in oilfield and cementing applications as lost circulation material. In non-oilfield applications, it is used as a sealing agent supplement to other lost circulation materials.


    G-Stop is a polymer that can expand up to 300 times its original volume in freshwater and 50 times in saltwater. This expansion makes it ideal for sealing cracks and fissures during drilling operations, effectively halting the lost of drilling fluids.

    Magma Fiber

    Magma Fiber® is an acid-soluble, extrusion-spun mineral fiber specifically designed to address lost circulation issues. This spun mineral fiber serves as an effective plugging and bridging agent, adept at sealing voids, fractures, and various permeable formations.


    Prima-Seal is a blend of lost circulation materials specifically formulated to cover a wide range of common lost circulation situations. It contains granules and fibers that act as bridging and sealing agents.


    Di-Corp Sawdust comes from clean, untreated, kiln-dried wood with a moisture content typically between 5% and 12%. Sawdust is the most cost-effective and widely accessible option for mud engineers dealing with lost circulation materials. It is also the favored choice for absorption and cleaning tasks on drilling rig decks.

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