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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Prima-Seal is a blend of lost circulation materials specifically formulated to cover a wide range of situations common in the occurrence of lost circulation. Prima-Seal contains a blend of granules and fibers, which act as bridging and sealing agents.

    Prima-Seal Medium Product Sheet

    sack of prima seal
    a pile of prima seal

    Features & Benefits

    Mixing & Handling

    Physical Properties

    Chemical Properties

    Packaging & Controls

    Particle Size

    > 4000 microns – 0.91%
    > 2000 microns – 20.19%
    > 841 microns – 53.59%
    > 400 microns – 15.11%
    > 177 microns – 6.33%
    < 177 microns – 3.87%

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