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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Bio Bear Drill Rod Grease

    Earth Pro Bio Bear Drill Rod Grease is a blend of naturally sourced oil and
    non-toxic surfactants used as grease for slides on rod handlers. Additionally, Bio Bear Drill Rod Grease is safer for the environment than other heavy metal mineral oil greases.

    Linseed Soap

    Linseed Soap is a lubrication grease that can be swabbed inside inner tubes, incorporated into drill fluid using a suction hose applicator or added into holding tanks through water spray flushing.

    Nikal Thread Lube

    Nikal Thread Lube is a high-grade anti-seize and gasket compound designed for challenging conditions and extreme temperatures. Formulated with pure nickel flake and an inert dispersing solid in a top-tier aluminum complex base grease, it delivers unparalleled protection against rust caused by water penetration or wash-off.

    Thread Shield

    Earth Pro Thread Shield can be applied to effectively seal threads in drill rod connections, providing unparalleled thread protection. Its unique non-metallic components are specially engineered to facilitate the seamless assembly and disassembly of drill rods, protecting threaded surfaces from damage.


    Earth Pro TurboCut is a liquid lubricant designed to deliver continuous lubrication for rods and downhole tools within a water-based mud system. TurboCut guarantees consistent tool lubricity, which can help extend tool life and minimize the frequency of rod trips for greasing and re-greasing.

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