LITE Wireline Drill Rods

Drillers Edge LITE Wireline Drill Rods drill deeper, have a reduced weight, and last longer than a standard wireline drill rod.

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    LITE Wireline Drill Rods

    When drill size and/or remote site mobilization becomes an issue, Drillers Edge offers a lighter-weight drill rod alternative in deep hole (D), reverse flank (R), and standard wireline (WL) thread forms.

    LITE drill rods have been designed to withstand the stresses encountered at great depths. They have a variable wall thickness, ensuring a strong joint while decreasing the overall weight of the drill rod without compromising its life. Additionally, LITE drill rods…

    • Allow for deep holes with a smaller, lower-powered drill
    • Make mobilization to site is easier and less expensive (fly jobs)
    • Are ideal for demanding projects requiring hole deviation

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    a row of deep hole wireline drill rods
    deep wireline drill rod

    What Our Customers Say About LITE Wireline Drill Rods

    “I am always happy to see Di-Corp rods at a drill site.”

    “I would recommend Di-Corp drill rods to any contractor”

    LITE Wireline Drill Rods Properties

    The following are key properties you need to know about our LITE wireline drill rods.

    Sizes Available


    Features & Benefits of LITE Wireline Drill Rods


    Tubing Characteristics

    Thread Characteristics


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    For over 60 years, Di-Corp has provided durable drilling supplies, fluids, and tools to various drilling businesses. Our products and support help drillers combat various challenges that arise during drilling operations.

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    Di-Corp products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of shipment of goods. This warranty extends to products shipped from authorized distributors, given proper storage and maintenance. If any defects occur during this period, we will replace the defective products.

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    We prioritize our customers’ satisfaction, offering a dedicated and dependable customer service team readily available to address any inquiries or concerns regarding our wireline drill rods.

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